Combating California’s Drought: Big Data {0}

By Arturo D. Given the recent spurts of rain and snow across California, its easy to forget that we are still in fact suffering from one of the worst droughts in almost 100 years. Recent winter wet seasons in the past few years have been the driest on record since 1895 and experts estimate that […]

DeepSQL: The Next Generation of Database Optimization {0}

By Andy C. Due to the explosive growth of Big Data in this world, SQL, the programming language for interacting and modifying databases, was also required to evolve in order to keep up. With such large amounts of data, servers needed to be expanded in order to accommodate all of the data. However, more servers […]

Big Data in Legal Profession {0}

By Sophia C. Because of the fast growth of information, Big Data became more powerful and has been utilized by businesses, government, healthcare system, social media and technology to research in order to achieve desired outcomes. For instance, government benefited from Big Data in election campaigns, cost and time reduction, while healthcare system adopted Big […]

In-memory Database {0}

By Aaron C. The explosion of data and the rise of big data leads to a tremendous need for large-capacity and efficient database management systems. The ability to handle large amounts of data, whether used for analytical or transactional processes, with speedy performance is essential. Traditionally, disk-based mechanisms would store their data onto a disk […]

Cloud Data Warehouses {0}

By Daniel A. Data warehouses are quickly being prioritized as one of the forms for data which compromises of data marts, quality of data, and a great amount of information the user needs. There are many benefits to data warehousing and of course, there are many issues that come with data warehousing. The greatest benefit […]

Data Mining Improves Product Development {0}

By Michael C. Data mining has demonstrated its value in business settings. Data mining is a collective term that describes different analysis techniques, used to scan large amounts of data (Lee, 2013). Data mining techniques that are related to association, allow businesses, such as retailers to cross sell products more efficiently. By finding relationships that […]

Database Security {0}

By Henry B. As the world evolves and technology grows, it is essential for businesses to rely on the use of the web and databases to store their company’s personal information. However, a new threat is growing each year as companies are getting hacked and personal information is leaked. The extra technical time a company […]

Databases in Action: A K-12 Education Environment {0}

By Hector A. In today’s modern world, databases are essential to effectively store and organize data among businesses and corporations. It is important to note that there is a growing need for database information systems in a certain non-profit/government environment. K12 education is a vital component of our nation’s education system. Before any student can […]

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Proximity Tags {0}

By Javier V. We have just recently learn about Internet of things, which is a network of physical objects able to collect and exchange data. I started to think, how is this done? What technology can be use to achieve this. I found several different technology NFC, RFID, and BLE. Out of the three BLE […]

Extreme Programming Methodology {0}

By Vy T. Being involved in the business and technology field means that one is often faced with a predicament, a fast and ever-changing environment. In software development specifically, one would expect these constant changes. In chapter 1 we studied some well-known methodologies and among them is Extreme Programming. Unlike the Waterfall methodology, whose “development […]

Decision Analysis {0}

By Huy T. We all know that decision-making is one of the hardest things in life. People make decisions when they already know what to do; however, there are critical moments when we have to make decisions without knowing what to do. Good decisions solve the problems that a person or a company is facing; […]

Cloud-Based Accounting Information Systems {0}

By Megan V. Cloud computing services were predicted by 2015 to be operated by more than 240 million business customers through mobile devices and to generate $5.2 billion in revenue. Netflix and Amazon Web Services remain as one of the most popular cloud computing services on the market. But this technology is slowly making its […]

Automating Big-Data Analytics {0}

By Corey S. Big-Data is what we call very large data sets that are difficult to analyze through traditional means of data processing. Companies spend thousands of dollars to hire data scientists to try to find ways that they can get this mass of data to work for them instead of sitting stagnant on petabytes of storage […]

User Interface Design {0}

By Victor T. When making a website one of the most important parts of the system is the user’s interactions. The connection between the screen and the users needs to be designed to make his/her experience as easy and efficient as possible. Interface design is the process of defining how a system will interact with […]

Software Quality Management {0}

By Aneesa S. Software Quality Management (SQM) manages the quality of software and its development process. At the organizational level, quality management is concerned with establishing a framework of organizational processes and standards that will lead to high-quality software. At the project level, quality management involves the application of specific quality processes and checking that these planned […]

Verification and Validation Model {0}

By David S. There are two main goals when designing software or applications, which is finishing the project on time and the project has to be delivered with no errors. Real-time system is predominantly used in safety critical or time critical applications and it is popularly defined as a system where the correctness of an […]