Predictive Analytics {0}

By Andrew C. Predictive analytics, a technique of using data metrics, current and historical, as well as predictors to determine a future outcome. It is also referred to as predictive modeling or forecasting. In essence, one could say it is an attempt at predicting the future, while a bit simple it is not entirely incorrect. […]

Analytics Tools: Flurry vs. Mixpanel {0}

By Caleb W. For mobile app developers, knowing how their target audience uses their product is an important part of the app’s development cycle. Knowing demographic information about the user, like their age and gender, help developers keep the app relevant to their interests. Tracking usage of the app allows developers to see where users […]

Analytics for Online Learning {0}

By Chad C. One of the main definitions for analytics is the “measurement, collection, analysis, and reporting of data about learners and their contexts, for the purposes of understanding and optimizing learning and the environments in which it occurs” (Hampson). It is a fact that technologies are being constantly upgraded, and previous forms of instruction […]

Analytics for Online Learning {0}

By Bryan V. Remember the time where the only place you could learn educational material was through a teacher or from a book at your local library? Our technological skills and equipment have increased tenfold since then and with that has come Learning Analytics. Learning Analytics is the process of collecting and analyzing data for […]

Competitive Advantage through Recommender Systems {0}

By Chundyanto W. It is hard to imagine the existence of e-commerce websites or any other popular entertainment and social media sites that do not utilize recommender systems nowadays. Recommender system is a technology to filter information in a website or a system in order to predict the rating or preference of a product for […]

Analytics for Content Websites {0}

By Jeffrey T. Content websites, as their name implies, are sites dedicated to featuring content or information like news, articles, or blog posts whether it be in the form of text or multimedia. Given the diverse range of options for the types of content that can be posted, there is also a wide variety of […]

Marketing Analytics {0}

By Michael S. Businesses have to do something to make sure that they are not wasting money. One way to help business not do that is to analyze market performance, it sees if the company is being efficient and maximizing effectiveness. Market analytics can also help find customer trends to see what customers are currently […]

Content Analytics with Content Websites {0}

By Don T. In today’s day and age, the playing field is constantly changing, whether it is the tastes of the consumers, or the trends that follow from a certain event or thought. In order to keep up with these changes, in order for companies to remain competitive in today’s world, and for other groups […]

Analytics for SaaS {0}

By Clanesha S. One of the greatest innovations that has occurred in technology is being able to provide software applications over the internet. Today, businesses no longer find it necessary to physically purchase and install applications. Instead they are able to access applications by simply being connected to the internet. This breakthrough in technology is […]

Managing the Marketplace: Marketplace Analytics {0}

By Sloane C. Marketplace analytics are, more or less, the information used in and behind the services for marketplace services. Marketplace services are places like,, or even Uber and Lyft. Marketplace services provide very important services to help people out with specific, if sometimes mundane tasks, such as babysitters, drivers, people who may […]

Software as a Service {0}

By Jose T. S. If the internet did not exist, imagine how much effort and production a business will spend without the applications and tools that exists today. Software as a Service, in short for SaaS delivers software applications to business enterprises over the internet using a pay per use (subscription) based revenue model. It […]

eCommerce Analytics {0}

By Daniel S. The merging of the Internet with commerce has changed our world. The way we shop no longer requires one to enter a brick-and-mortar store hoping that what you need will be in stock – instead, everything that someone could want is only a button click away, and available 24 hours a day. […]