Automating Big-Data Analytics {0}

By Corey S. Big-Data is what we call very large data sets that are difficult to analyze through traditional means of data processing. Companies spend thousands of dollars to hire data scientists to try to find ways that they can get this mass of data to work for them instead of sitting stagnant on petabytes of storage […]

User Interface Design {0}

By Victor T. When making a website one of the most important parts of the system is the user’s interactions. The connection between the screen and the users needs to be designed to make his/her experience as easy and efficient as possible. Interface design is the process of defining how a system will interact with […]

Software Quality Management {0}

By Aneesa S. Software Quality Management (SQM) manages the quality of software and its development process. At the organizational level, quality management is concerned with establishing a framework of organizational processes and standards that will lead to high-quality software. At the project level, quality management involves the application of specific quality processes and checking that these planned […]

Verification and Validation Model {0}

By David S. There are two main goals when designing software or applications, which is finishing the project on time and the project has to be delivered with no errors. Real-time system is predominantly used in safety critical or time critical applications and it is popularly defined as a system where the correctness of an […]

The Impact of Adblocker to Online Advertising {0}

By Walter S. Online advertisements are a revenue growing industry currently impacted by the technologies of Adblocker. At this time online advertisements revenue was in the billions for 2014 and expected to increase 4.8% in 2015. The question now is how online advertisements can still amount to the increase in revenue with an increase in […]

Enterprise Resource Planning {0}

By Vinh S. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is the customized management software that handles most back-end tasks in order to allow users to focus on significant business aspects. Most operation aspects, including but not limited to inventory, purchase orders, sales invoices, customers’ contact, and employees, can all be organized via an ERP software. However, small businesses that cannot afford […]

Scrum Agile Methodology {0}

By Marvin P. When developing a program, it can be extremely tricky. There are countless of methodologies that can be used. However, I’m going to elaborate more on agile methodology specifically the scrum agile methodology, and whether or not companies should integrate this method in their business. read more

Risk Analysis Inside Systems Design {0}

By Jai N. Risk analysis plays an important role when implemented with software design. Without it developmental companies can lose a product during their analytical phase or design phase. Risk analysis is typically implemented during three key milestones during a project; during the design phase development phase, and implementation phase. read more

Lean Software Development {0}

By Ashish P.                   Sometimes management is faced with a critical problem of what development methodology to use and which one will work best for them. Lean Software Development is something is a form of the agile methodology that has been adopted from Toyota’s ideology that is also called “Kanban” in manufacturing and then applied […]

Selecting a Development Stack {0}

By Vernes O. Within System Analysis and Design, one of the most important decisions consist of deciding the development environment or otherwise known as the ‘development stack’. In chapter 3 we discussed requirements, however we never went into detail about the technologies we would be required to use. That is the subject which this paper […]

Software Prototyping Methodology {0}

By Anderson L. The process of creating or developing an information system often requires a huge amount of effort, time and organized planning to reach its final stages. To help it reach its final stages, many groups and organizations usually implement a systems development approach or methodology to help facilitate and move along the planning, analysis, […]

MapReduce for Managing Big Data {0}

By Zexing G. Big data technology has been leading companies to a new way of managing and collecting data. The evolution of Internet has allowed humans to experience a big volume of information and data on Internet, and companies keep invent big data tools to collect and manage these data. Big data is usually used to […]

Project Management Tools {0}

By Jason H. Benjamin Franklin had said “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!” However, many successful projects that were careful planned, still experienced a fair share of failures. For instance, not all tasks reported to project manager, key member left organization during process, or business rules changed before final product released. […]

DevOps: Merging Agile Development Practices with Operations {0}

By Chris F. With advances in the current generation of software and hardware, system and networking administration as a field is now more than ever able to iterate over design and implementation of systems and networks. This leads these groups to improve their practices with better methodologies.With software development as a kindred spirit in virtual space, systems […]

The Internet of Things {0}

By Richard E. The Internet of Things is a concept in which two different forms of technology interact with each other to simplify a process. The purpose of technology is to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of a process, and the Internet of Things continues to improve that process. The Internet of Things has the potential to have […]

The Bleeding Edge of Cloud Computing {0}

By Stefan A. With the advent of cloud computing and services, a new wave of technology has come upon us with exciting and new possibilities for technology. These new services aren’t infallible and being an early adopter without knowing too much can create vulnerabilities in your company. Providers such as Amazon, Google, Salesforce, IBM, Microsoft, […]