Prototyping for Applications

By Ishmene A.C.

Prototyping is used by many different types of organizations when developing a product and can be beneficial in creating a final product for a user with specific requirements. “Prototype-based methodologies repeatedly performs the phases of analysis, design, and implementation in a cycle until the final system is completed (Dennis, 2015)”. Prototypes are a model, or rough draft, of the big goal of a product. It is a way for users to get a sense of what the product or system will do. When creating a product, there are many different companies that utilize prototyping because it can provide many advantages. read more...

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Rapid Application Development

By Mackenzie B.

Rapid Application Development (RAD) is an agile software development framework that acts as an alternative to the waterfall model. In essence RAD is “achieved by implementing a series of techniques that are focused on speed, adaptability to requirements changes, and evolution” (Castro, Jain, Chandrasekaran). RAD is a continuously adapting framework that allows the developer to create prototypes and adapt to their customers needs throughout the entirety of the project. read more...

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QuickBooks and Business Correlation

By William B.

QuickBooks has been one of the most used accounting software when it comes to running a small business. The software manages a company’s payroll, inventory and all the other things that goes into running a small business to middle size business. What is also very beneficial from QuickBooks is the fact that it also helps with marketing and other services, so this piece of software has many different functions imbedded within. In a business aspect, the user can see that QuickBooks can improve the business productivity and efficiency. This software can potentially look at someone’s life as a business and organize it by making their day to day routines more efficient and well-rounded. By evaluating QuickBooks, one can see that this product can benefit the user and has more room to improve. read more...

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Agile in the World of Technology

By Daniel A.

Agile development is a methodology which is practiced in businesses, either practiced within the business or can be used more efficiently through another business. Businesses need to use the best resources in their disposal to produce services or products in which they can better fulfill the customer’s satisfaction. With so many methodologies to choose from it becomes a question on what would best suit the situation. No single methodology is the best at every situation, but there are many methodologies that can be flexible, but better suited for the issue at hand. Agile development is a great methodology if it is applied appropriately. read more...

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Data Mining in the Military

By: Lyvon T.

We put a lot of trust in the United States military to protect us from harm. To do that, they must have access to the best technology, such as data mining. Our military has always been collecting and storing data but in recent decades, the amount of data as increased to an extent that data mining software is needed to aide them in their work. Today, they use it in tactical systems, surveillance, and medical databases just to name a few. The ability to collect, analyze, and determine new information from that data is extremely useful to the military. Having access to useful information makes them more efficient in what they do. read more...

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Food database in food industry

By Titan T.

Database management systems are becoming important for commercial and domestic users because these help in managing data efficiently, storing large size of information and carrying out multiple tasks at a time. Use of databases in food industry is the focus of this paper and it will help in finding out trends in food databases, applications of food databases, how these are making food business more competitive and successful. read more...

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Data Mining in Pharmaceutical Research & Development

By Ryan T.

The pharmaceutical industry has always relied heavily on data. That data consists of historical clinical trial results, cellular, genetic, microbial, molecular, proteomic, and metabolic data. With most, if not all, of this data being stored electronically and so much to sift through data mining has been highly advantageous in pharmaceutical research and development (Elvridge, 2016). Several proprietary and nonproprietary tools are available to researchers each with their own distinct differences. The pharmaceutical companies utilizing big data ranges from large companies to small firms since data mining effectively reduces the barrier of entry. This goes without saying, but big data mining does comes with risks and limitations when it comes to the pharmaceutical industry. Overall, the benefits far outweigh the risks though as developers and researchers continue improving their products. read more...

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Data mining in Tourism

By Billy S.

Nowadays, travel and tourism have grown into a large industry throughout the world. As technology has played a major role in our day to day life, it tends to affects the behavior of travelers since it was easy enough to find information on the spot. Lately, travelers have changed how they travel where they prefer to roam freely and use technology as a guide rather than strict their schedule to a plan (1). As a result, tourism industry requires quick and up to date information from many locations around the world. Therefore, data mining has become a necessity to obtain accurate data and information; from popular travel destination, places of interests and popular cultural attractions. However, globalization has changed the behavior of traveler where it made an impact on their cultural criteria, social criteria, personal criteria, and psychological criteria(1). read more...

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Data Mining in Software Engineering

By Jesus S.

The today’s day and age everyone thrives off of data. Data has become key for organizations to succeed. Whether it be in the marketing field, health care field, agriculture field, and the list goes on! Data can help you strike gold, if you know can find out what people want, what people dislike, what is trending than that can help you become successful. Data mining is the technique we use to collect as much information as possible and turn it into data which is useful to us. I will be describing how data mining is used in software engineering. read more...

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Machine Learning in the Travel Industry

By Binyong X.

The travel industry has changed in many ways due to the evolution of machine learning. It also made a great impact on how people decided on their trip plan such as when and where to buy tickets. Machine learning is the subfield of computer science that gives computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed (Samuel). There’re generally three types of machine learning: supervised, unsupervised and reinforcement. Supervised learning is where the algorithm generates a function that maps inputs to desired outputs. Unsupervised learning is which models a set of inputs where the labeled examples aren’t available. Reinforcement learning is where the algorithm learns a policy of how to act given an observation of the world (Ayodele). read more...

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