Big Data in Managing Data {0}

By Zexing (Jack) G. CIS 315 Big data technology has been leading companies to a new way of managing and collecting data. The evolution of Internet has allowed humans to experience a big volume of information and data on Internet, and companies keep invent big data tools to collect and manage these data. Big data […]

Project Management Tools {0}

By Jason H. Benjamin Franklin had said “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!” However, many successful projects that were careful planned, still experienced a fair share of failures. For instance, not all tasks reported to project manager, key member left organization during process, or business rules changed before final product released. […]

DevOps: Merging Agile Development Practices with Operations {0}

By Chris F. With advances in the current generation of software and hardware, system and networking administration as a field is now more than ever able to iterate over design and implementation of systems and networks. This leads these groups to improve their practices with better methodologies.With software development as a kindred spirit in virtual space, systems […]

The Internet of Things {0}

By Richard E. The Internet of Things is a concept in which two different forms of technology interact with each other to simplify a process. The purpose of technology is to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of a process, and the Internet of Things continues to improve that process. The Internet of Things has the potential to have […]

The Bleeding Edge of Cloud Computing {0}

By Stefan A. With the advent of cloud computing and services, a new wave of technology has come upon us with exciting and new possibilities for technology. These new services aren’t infallible and being an early adopter without knowing too much can create vulnerabilities in your company. Providers such as Amazon, Google, Salesforce, IBM, Microsoft, […]

CRM in Today’s Business {0}

By Bradley D. Customer relationship management, or CRM is it’s known by most, has seen a massive rise in popularity in the business world in the past few years. Companies like, Microsoft, and Sugar have catapulted this business vital software into the spotlight and have been able to display its benefits all the way […]

Big Data for Computer Hardware {0}

By Jonathan U. Big Data or Business Intelligence technology is revolutionizing how we obtain and interpret data to obtain knowledge. Big Data is not used for just learning more about customer needs and how to produce or sell more, it is really a technique to gain more insight and knowledge about anything and everything. The […]

Big Data on Military {3}

By Sze Long W. The development of Big Data is leading people to a new path of their works. The evolution of human societies has been characterized by the way how we collect and manage information. In business, companies are using big data tool to collect information as much as they can in order to […]

Big Data in Environmental Services {1}

By Brandon V. Big data is a resourceful tool in today’s society because it has become a big part of our everyday lives. From where we choose to travel to what things we choose to buy, our decisions are, in one way or another, derived from information gathered by big data. These are some of […]

Big Data in Media and Entertainment {4}

By Christopher V. Interest in big data is growing extremely fast in various industries. However it is having great success in the entertainment and media industry. Due to these two areas existing for the sole purpose of consumer interests, big data can majorly affect consumer response if the data is used efficiently. “Most traditional media […]

Big Data in Education {2}

By Kristen T. Big data has played a part in various industries, from advertising to travel, revolutionizing the world of today. It has especially begun to play a part in the development of education. Recently, companies have been known to aid in the ‘identification of at-risk students”, “give institutions the predictive tools they need to […]

Big Data in Engineering {2}

By Steven T. As technology continues to advance in this day and age, Big Data is becoming more and more relevant in the tech industry. Essentially, big data is known to be a way to access extreme amounts of data containing information that is left as raw data. With that raw data, it is then […]

Big Data in Security {2}

By Mario R. Organization today are getting some extra help when investing or trying to secure their information. Big Data is one of the reasons why they have that extra help, Big Data is allowing organizations to gain knowledge before going into a risk situation. It is allowing for a bigger storage space for companies […]

Big Data in the Travel and Hospitality Industry {2}

By: Daniel P. Big data is becoming more important in areas such as travel and hospitality. Summed up by John Terra, “Big Data is generally defined as the massive influx of information gleaned from a diverse variety of sources, everything from traditional methods such as customer feedback to social networking analytics.” Now that big data is being collected, […]

Big Data and Software {1}

By Matthew N. Big data has become an integral part of the software industry with the need to develop analytical software. Software engineers need to make sense of structured, unstructured, and semi structured data (Purcell). Effective tools used are the Revolution Analytics language and Apache Hadoop 2.0. New software platforms that involve big data are […]

Big Data in Insurance {1}

By Cathleen O. Big data handles a large volume of data that is an extraordinary value to any company, because it contributes to business decisions. Enterprises are stored in clusters of data using petabytes (1,000 terabytes (TB) or 1,000,000 gigabytes) of data (Big Data at the Speed of Business). To successfully handle big data, architectures, […]