Big Data and Software {1}

By Matthew N. Big data has become an integral part of the software industry with the need to develop analytical software. Software engineers need to make sense of structured, unstructured, and semi structured data (Purcell). Effective tools used are the Revolution Analytics language and Apache Hadoop 2.0. New software platforms that involve big data are […]

Big Data in Insurance {1}

By Cathleen O. Big data handles a large volume of data that is an extraordinary value to any company, because it contributes to business decisions. Enterprises are stored in clusters of data using petabytes (1,000 terabytes (TB) or 1,000,000 gigabytes) of data (Big Data at the Speed of Business). To successfully handle big data, architectures, […]

Big data in Government Services {2}

By Damajaha N. Government services encompass a wide array of departments and branches that make decision and budgets to provide a better service to its citizens. These government entities are receiving more and more big data by the day. The problem with the mass of data that theses government sectors acquire are facing is, is […]

Big data in the food industry {2}

By Johnathan N. Big data in the food industry has been growing at an exponential rate in order to keep up with the growing trends. What big data means in the food industry starts with farming and how big data affects the agriculture industry. Then it leads to big data influencing food companies and restaurants […]

Big Data in Marketing & Advertising {2}

By Saswata M. Although the concept of marketing and advertising has been in existence for decades, the idea of incorporating big data is still unfamiliar territory for large amount of companies today. In the past few years, the footprint of the internet has exponentially grown and is now at the forefront of the evolution of […]

Big Data in the Manufacturing Industry {2}

By Carolyn M. One of the most advanced and progressive industries in the Big Data revolution is the manufacturing industry. Huge amounts of data is processed and collected continuously and businesses use this data to analyze and implement new strategies to increase efficiency, reliability, and overall performance. Big Data is useful for companies to also […]

Big Data in the Retail Industry {2}

By Morgan L. More and more retailers today are turning to Big Data. Big Data, in terms of retail, is used to analyze and generate information valuable to retailers, including customer interests’ and current trends. Retailers use this valuable information for business forecasting. Retail executives (62%) believe that Big Data will be utilized within the […]

Big Data in Real Estate {2}

By Eric K. The real estate industry generates approximately 18% of the nation’s GDP, and with that amount of money being produced, it is imperative for brokers and companies alike to gain a competitive advantage in the market. This is where big data comes into the picture. “Big data has also given new depth to […]

Big Data in Telecommunications {3}

By Ivan J. Big Data is a vital part in the success that companies can potentially have. The collection of data can be used and analyzed to look into trends and cater to the wants and needs that customers possess. Big data can be used for “location-based services, tailored marketing campaigns, next best actions for […]

Big Data in Construction {3}

By Obrian G. All over the globe companies and different industries are using big data to evaluate and expand their business.  Corporations such as Amazon, Google, Netflix and Facebook use these data collected from their users to determine what their users want to see advertised, what they want to purchase, and help determine more items […]

Big Data and Human Resources {2}

By Anthony D. Have you ever interviewed for a job, did pretty well and then wondered why you were never called back? Maybe you didn’t do as well as you thought you did or their standards are much higher than you expected, OR maybe it was that you met the standards and did really well, […]

Big Data: Consumer Products & Services {2}

By Johnson F. Big data has played a major role in providing useful information for companies to create valuable consumer products and services. Using big data, companies are able to cater their services towards the needs of the consumer by adding additional functions and features that help end users get more for their buck. Google […]

Big Data in Logistics and Transportation {2}

By: Brian D. When it comes to Big Data in terms of the logistics and transportation sector, it is only the beginning. With the many advancements of the past, to the new ones coming out each year, the future only keeps looking brighter. Big data is here to stay and the same can be said […]

Protecting Our Financial Data {2}

By Andrew C. Big data plays a very big role in the field of Financial Services. Big data in the finance can consist of things such as your credit card numbers, bank account information, address and much more. Needless to say, this type of information is very important. It goes to say that data with […]

Big Data in the Consumer Products and Services Industry {4}

By John C. As Francis Bacon said, “Knowledge is Power.” This simple quote can summarize how the use of Big Data can benefit the businesses that use it to help in making more intelligent decisions and gain a competitive edge against their competitors. Big data, in its simplest terms, can be seen as a vast […]

Is Energy Affected by Big Data? {3}

By: Kenny C. What exactly is Big Data? Big data refers to the growth and availability of structured and unstructured data that helps us improve our daily lives. This data comes from a plethora of sources such as social media, geographical information, cellular devices, and even GPS signals. Big data has benefitted both businesses and […]