eCommerce Analytics {0}

By Daniel S. The merging of the Internet with commerce has changed our world. The way we shop no longer requires one to enter a brick-and-mortar store hoping that what you need will be in stock – instead, everything that someone could want is only a button click away, and available 24 hours a day. […]

Visual Analytics {0}

By Miguel R. Visual analytics makes large amounts of data easier to understand by creating graphical interfaces, charts, data maps and other visuals. Companies like SAS and Appsee have developed software that allows users to analyze data using visual analytics to find correlations or patterns which helps solve issues and aid app developers in solving […]

Visual Analytics {0}

By Brendon Q With today’s amount of technology, huge amounts of data is produced and collected throughout the world. Data can come in many different forms such as structured, un-structured, or a combination of both. It is very easy for data to be created. However, understanding the data can be very challenging. With the help […]

Social Analytics {0}

By Teresa P. The technological advances of the 21st century has made a powerful impact on the way the human race interacts socially and professionally. Most of what people do in developed countries integrates the internet in one-way shape or form. In our everyday life we go online to browse for our shopping needs or […]

Social Analytics {0}

By Ibrahim M. Social Analytics is the process of collecting and analysis of statistical, digital day on how users interact with organization, practically online usage. Business use this analytics to see who their customers are and what they are doing on their website or social media site. There are many benefits on social analytics. According […]

Mobile Analytics with Websites, and Applications {0}

By Aaron L. In today’s growing age of technology, there are more smart mobile devices than there are human beings. According to GSMA Intelligence, there are currently over seven billion SIM cards that are active in the world (Mack, 2014). People use smart devices in their day to day lives to conduct banking, perform business […]

Future Decisions using Mobile Analytics {0}

By Jimmy L. Mobile analytics is usually split between mobile web and mobile applications. Mobile web refers to web pages being browsed by mobile devices like iPads, iPhones, tablets, or anything that uses a mobile browser. Mobile applications refer to applications on created for mobile devices. Using mobile analytics has become increasingly important because consumers […]

Web Analytics {0}

By Janice K. In today’s era, lots of businesses already have websites to promote their goods, or even allowing customers to buy their goods online. Having a website certainly helps giving additional, more detailed, information regarding the goods or the business itself. The website can, not only increase the number of customers, hence increasing profit, […]

Web Analytics {0}

By Gavini K. Web analytics plays a huge role in many different ways through today’s technology. It helps many industries like health, finance and business. Web analytics is the gathering of data through the web, and analyzing them and making predictions. “Using machine-learning algorithms, and artificial neural networks, Web analytics software finds useful hidden information […]

Future Business Decisions with Prescriptive Analytics {0}

By Jerome F. We live in an age where technology has far surpassed our expectations and has exponentially grown over the course of the past several decades. With these rapid technological advancements, it is has become more increasingly complex for organizations to examine data that will benefit their own business. Organizations remedy this issue by […]

Business Intelligence & Descriptive Analytics {0}

By Carlos A. Business intelligence is the process in which a business collects data and information from its operations and environment to help make strategic decisions. Business intelligence includes many difference types of applications, systems, and tools that are used to collect data and give the data meaning. An important area of Business intelligence is […]

Problem Solving Using Descriptive Analytics {0}

By Jeffrey A. Descriptive analytics has to do very heavily with business intelligence. It is often considered the first step in gathering business intelligence because of its relation to big data, which is large collections of information gathered by corporations or other entities. This is often done for the purpose of developing reports or creating […]