How Government Services Are Using Data Technologies {0}

Nelly L. We think of citizens as legally recognized subjects of a particular state or community. As citizens, they are bound to certain regulations and rules that are maintained and controlled by governmental agencies, who oversee every aspect of their lives for the well-being of the inhabitants as a whole. These government agencies control the […]

Data Mining in Health {0}

By Amanda L. Data mining has proven itself to be a highly useful analytic process and instrumental in effective decision making in various industries. By analyzing large sets of data to discover patterns and correlations, an e-commerce organization can understand consumer shopping habits and predict future behavior, or manufacturer can assess quality control and schedule […]

Data Mining in the Finance Industry {0}

By Brian Lam In an industry that relies substantially on information, financial services institutions have long adopted the practice of gathering and analyzing data to improve business activities and decisions. In following more recent trends towards the automation of this process, financial businesses have begun turn their attention towards data mining and its benefits. Businesses […]

Data-mining in Environmental Services {0}

By Jeremy K. Data-mining for environmental services refers to any research or examination of large-scale data in relation to the environment. Some examples of environmental services that use databases are forecasting, ecosystems, and recycling. The benefits of data-mining in an environmental standpoint are to collect data and analyze the areas that directly affect the environment. […]

Data mining in Entertainment {0}

By Malcolm I. The entertainment industry is always evolving to keep up with fans, ratings, and sending information to viewers. With today’s technology it makes entertainment easier to access from viewers without any technical difficulties. Big data is there to help make things easier for the industry. Data mining in the entertainment industry is sometimes […]

Data Mining in the Engineering Industry {0}

By Lillian H. Data mining is the act of collecting data, transforming the data into information, and eventually using the information to improve, create, and fulfill goals. Considering the engineering industry and the massive amounts of data generated by each of its sectors (software, electrical, mechanical, etc.), data mining is extremely valuable in this field. […]

Machine Learning in Environmental Sciences {0}

By Patrick K. Environmental sciences have utilized machine learning in various ways from tracking weather patterns to predicting animal behaviors, much of this is created using R. Though, niche, environmental sciences utilizes machine learning in what many would see as unconventional. Two examples of machine learning in environmental sciences are The Biodiversity and Climate Change […]

Machine Learning in Financial Services {0}

By Aaron L. One of the two big driving forces of leading edge technological advancements is machine learning, while the other force being big data. Machine learning can be thought of as a sub-discipline of AI where people can feed data to a machine, and the machine will be able to analyze the data to […]

Machine Learning in Government Services {0}

By Robert L. Machine learning is a type of “artificial intelligence that provides computers with the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed” (Rouse). With machine learning, the machine should be able to analyze data from a database or from user inputs, adapt to the different sets of data, and make important decisions based on […]

Machine Learning in the Entertainment Industry {0}

By Roberto H. Machine learning deals with a computer being able to absorb information on its own in order to solve problems. Computers are able to self-teach themselves by reviewing lots of examples and then putting their knowledge to the test. There are two types of machine learning which are used for the computer to […]

Machine Learning in Engineering {0}

Hawkins T. When discussing machine learning in the engineering industry, people have a few misconceptions of the benefits or uses of machine learning or AI in this field. A lot of science fiction imagery is introduced by today’s movies, media, and expansion of technology. This area however, isn’t only concerned with self sufficient robots as […]

Machine Learning in Education {0}

By Jordan G. An overwhelmingly large amount of new technologies are being introduced quite frequently. With that in mind, the assimilation of said technologies into our everyday lives is inevitable. One specific technology continually gains momentum each and every year. That technology is machine learning, “a subarea of artificial intelligence that provides computers with the […]