Big Data in the Manufacturing Industry

By Carolyn M.

One of the most advanced and progressive industries in the Big Data revolution is the manufacturing industry. Huge amounts of data is processed and collected continuously and businesses use this data to analyze and implement new strategies to increase efficiency, reliability, and overall performance. Big Data is useful for companies to also increase effective decision making. read more...

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Big Data in the Retail Industry

By Morgan L.

More and more retailers today are turning to Big Data. Big Data, in terms of retail, is used to analyze and generate information valuable to retailers, including customer interests’ and current trends. Retailers use this valuable information for business forecasting. Retail executives (62%) believe that Big Data will be utilized within the next five years with 18% of these executives saying that retailers are already incorporating Big Data into their business strategy, study shows (McCormick, 2014). In fact, Macy’s is one of the first big name department stores to pioneer this Big Data movement. Other companies, such as Burberry and Kohl’s are following suit, also using Big Data in similar fashion. Macy’s, Burberry, and Kohl’s are utilizing Big Data by using conventional methods, such as online shopping, as well as taking advantage of smartphones and social media to maximize their profit and gain competitive advantage. read more...

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Big Data in Real Estate

By Eric K.

The real estate industry generates approximately 18% of the nation’s GDP, and with that
amount of money being produced, it is imperative for brokers and companies alike to gain a
competitive advantage in the market. This is where big data comes into the picture. “Big data has
also given new depth to analyst understanding of the housing market. One can now track in
“almost real time” home price trends, a demographic’s “intent to move” and even locales
relatively hospitable to one’s kind of romantic partner” (Yeatts, 2013). Many companies have
implemented this technology to streamline their business operations and improve customer
experience.

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Big Data in Telecommunications

By Ivan J.

Big Data is a vital part in the success that companies can potentially have. The collection of data can be used and analyzed to look into trends and cater to the wants and needs that customers possess. Big data can be used for “location-based services, tailored marketing campaigns, next best actions for sales and services, network intelligence, social media insights and high-velocity fraud detection” (Van Den Dam). One of the more important aspects that Big Data provides is the ability for service representatives from companies to attend to customers with the use of it. This allows for customer satisfaction, which in turn makes them loyal to the company that provides them service with. Telecommunications is a fast and growing business in our world today, and it is essential for Big Data to be a part of it. read more...

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Big Data in Construction

By Obrian G.

All over the globe companies and different industries are using big data to evaluate and expand their business.  Corporations such as Amazon, Google, Netflix and Facebook use these data collected from their users to determine what their users want to see advertised, what they want to purchase, and help determine more items they might be interested in.  Collected specific data from users can be vital for almost any industry.  One of the biggest industries that use big data, and you would not think about it, is the construction industry.  Construction companies such as Case Design Inc. and Terabuild, both use big data to accurately budget for projects, reduce project risk, and organize construction sites. read more...

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Big Data and Human Resources

By Anthony D.
Have you ever interviewed for a job, did pretty well and then wondered why you were never called back? Maybe you didn’t do as well as you thought you did or their standards are much higher than you expected, OR maybe it was that you met the standards and did really well, but when they saw your online photos of you at the party last week, they realized that this isn’t the person they wanted to hire. Before social media was big, that last option was probably not going to be on the list of why you didn’t get the job, but now it can definitely be a defining factor in the hiring of human resources. When it comes to big data and human resources, online photos aren’t the only things that you should be worried about. read more...

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Big Data: Consumer Products & Services

By Johnson F.

Big data has played a major role in providing useful information for companies to create valuable consumer products and services. Using big data, companies are able to cater their services towards the needs of the consumer by adding additional functions and features that help end users get more for their buck. Google and are two giants that provide and optimize big data in order to personalize the services they offer. They provide big data by collecting information about their customers. With data and feedback from customers, companies are able to benefit by using the information to create better consumer goods and services that their target market will find value in. read more...

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Big Data in Logistics and Transportation

By: Brian D.

When it comes to Big Data in terms of the logistics and transportation sector, it is only the beginning. With the many advancements of the past, to the new ones coming out each year, the future only keeps looking brighter. Big data is here to stay and the same can be said for logistics and transportation. From managing supply chains more efficiently, to pedestrian traffic in tourist cities, and creating a more efficient delivery route, big data changes the way business’ operate and is a critical and beneficial area for any company to look in to. read more...

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Protecting Our Financial Data

By Andrew C.

Big data plays a very big role in the field of Financial Services. Big data in the finance can consist of things such as your credit card numbers, bank account information, address and much more. Needless to say, this type of information is very important. It goes to say that data with a high level of importance comes big power, and with big power comes great responsibility. Financial institutions, big companies, and us as individuals have the responsibility to keep our financial data secure. Recent breaches to the private financial data, has created an emphasis on the way we value our financial security and pushed for new and intuitive for to better protect our financial data. read more...

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Big Data in the Consumer Products and Services Industry

By John C.

As Francis Bacon said, “Knowledge is Power.” This simple quote can summarize how the use of Big Data can benefit the businesses that use it to help in making more intelligent decisions and gain a competitive edge against their competitors. Big data, in its simplest terms, can be seen as a vast collection of digital information that a business has collected and stored. This information, with the use of tools and processes, can then be analyzed to provide insight on patterns and trends in order to increase revenue and improve customer engagement. This engagement can be seen by how businesses such as Amazon and Target have used Big Data in their business operations to gain a better understanding of their customers and what they need. read more...

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