Big Data

Is Energy Affected by Big Data? {3}

By: Kenny C.

What exactly is Big Data? Big data refers to the growth and availability of structured and unstructured data that helps us improve our daily lives. This data comes from a plethora of sources such as social media, geographical information, cellular devices, and even GPS signals. Big data has benefitted both businesses and individuals alike, and has also had a profound affect on energy. Energy consumption and retrieval has always been a large focus in our economy, and with this wealth of data, we are able to map out a prospective plan to improve. read more...

Big Data in the IT Services {4}

By Marcus B.

Big Data is a relatively new concept, but refers to the massive amounts of data taken over time that can be analyzed to provide key business advantages such as market trends and product planning. With the use of Big Data, business owners can learn more about their industry to improve overall efficiency and decision-making. In regards to online retail stores such as Amazon, the advantages of Big Data are huge and constantly growing. By analyzing Big Data, a company may gain a vital insight into the mind of each individual; learning their interests, spending habits, commitments, and anything else that company can use in order to gain an advantage over their competition. In regards to the IT industry, Big Data is an important factor in the development of both software and hardware. read more...

Mobile Health Device {4}

By Miguel A.

Big data is information being collected from people. Companies use the information to provide valuable service or products to users. Like the health industry. Medical field are finding ways to cure, prevent, analyzed diseases. The health industry may have found the solution in mobile health technology. A wearable device could be one of the solutions that medicals may be looking for. Wearable devices can improve the medical analytics. read more...