Databases and Data Warehouses Archive

Chapter 6 Databases and Data Warehouses

by Jacob G
Can a microchip fake eye really help the blind see again? I have found an article from CNN Technology’s website that may answer that very question and provide a solution for the blind in a stunning technology form. Researches from MIT believe the microchip eye can help the blind see again as they turn to databases for help. CNN Technology’s Priya Ganapati describes the eye and chip working in a fashion of “The glasses that patients wear contain a coil that can wirelessly transmit power to receiving coils surrounding the eyeball. The eyeball holds a microchip encased in a sealed titanium case to avoid damage from water seepage. The chip receives visual information and activates electrodes that in turn fire the nerve cells that carry visual input to the brain.” This relates to chapter 6 Databases and Data Warehouses because in order for this device to properly work images must be stored in a form of database. That database being the microchip imbedded in the fake eye. Many blind people can see shadows and forms of shapes; some that once could see can even remember what the people around them looked like. With that being said in the case of one that once could see and one that is now blind the memories of what the people around them looked like can be stored in the chip or database and with the technology MIT researchers have developed, the signal can then be sent to the eyes making the image appear. This is still being research and MIT researchers say in the next 3 years test in blind patients will become more popular. I think it is crazy and amazing how we may discover a way to make the blind see again. It’s a great thing and would be very interesting to see the microchip eye in action.
Ganapati, P. (2009). Microchip may help blind people see again. Retrieved September 24, 2009, from CNN TechnologyWeb: read more...