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What is the Cloud?

by Nelson T
In an article that I have read from PC Magazine Online, cloud computing is the next big thing coming to consumers and businesses. Cloud computing allows people to have complete access to their personal data as well as data from other users as well. This is called Personal Cloud Computing. An example of one of the many benefits of the personal cloud is automatic sync. If a user searches for music using their mobile device, purchases a piece of music from their favorite artist, the mp3 file downloads not only on their mobile device but also downloads automatically to their home computer and other devices that are linked that cloud account. Other items include the user’s address book, email and documents.  Having access to the cloud is fairly cheap and this is attracts business. Businesses can use the cloud to do some serious data mining on the fly. Having access to information coming from their users. A way that a cloud can be distinguished is from key attributes such as it being from a third party vendor that is usually off site, accessed over the internet, minimal IT knowledge are a few attributes. Cloud computing is very useful for a connected consumer and for the success of a business. As an owner of an Apple iPhone, I am a user of their cloud service named iCloud. I find this service to be very useful. Just like my example from earlier, anything i do on my mobile smartphone is sync automatically to cloud servers and then pushed to my laptop and other devices that are connected to the iCloud service. I have personally realized the benefits of this service and its been great since the start. I rely on it almost everyday to make sure I get what i need from anywhere I am connected. read more...

Chapter 3.2 E-business

by Vanessa R
What should you do with your old electronics? Well, gazelle.com has your answer.  Gazelle.com offers to pay cash for your used, old electronics that you don’t use anymore.  They recycle them or they re-sell them to other people.  Gazelle.com is a company that buys and sells used electronics.  They are definitely apart of the ebusiness world.  Gazelle.com describes their business as, “An easy, fast, and safe way for you to sell electronics and recycle electronics. When you sell cell phones, mp3 players, laptops, or other gadgets to us, you’ll earn cash and help save the environment by keeping old, used gadgets out of landfills. You get green while being green! The bottom line is you want to sell electronics and we want to buy electronics. A perfect match! ” They are also a “green” company so many people tend to lean towards them because they want to help the environment.  The article, “Why I sold my used iPhone to Gazelle.com,” it states that Gazell.com has a no landfill policy which many consumers love.  Everyone loves a “green” company, and because of that, they seem to be doing pretty well in the e-business world.  In the article, the seller chose to sell her iPhone to them because she said it was environmentally friendly and that they get their stuff done quickly.  Within days they sent her a box so she could ship her phone and get rid of it quickly.  She said that it was a very efficient company. read more...

Chapter 3.2 E-Business

by Sarah M
The article “Top 5 Mobile Commerce Trends for 2010” explores the ever expanding m-commerce, or mobile commerce, market. Marketing expanded to the far reaches of the television and radio spectrum. Now, more than ever, companies are expanding into mobile technology. Now companies are expanding into mobile technology to conduct business and advertise. Now companies can reach their consumers on-the-go and offer them access to products, services, coupons, etc. Thanks to the explosion of smart phones, M-Commerce is the newest trend in business. Enabled devices can now wirelessly allow users to compare prices of products, check bank accounts, purchase both tangible and intangible products, and be constantly notified of deals, sales, etc of their choosing. read more...

Chapter 3.2 E-business

by Sabas M
The article I found is called Depositing Checks, Right From Your Phone by Sam Grobart. The article was published online on September 13, 2010. The article talks about some technological changes have a small impact on everyday things we do and others have changes that impacts us in a completely. The article goes into detail about the iphone and the Chase Bank application that lets customers’ deposit checks by using their phone. Sam Grobart talks about the simplicity of using the application by taking a picture of check from the front and back of the check. But how is the check processed? When the picture is taken, it is sent to Chase’s computer systems in which it uses optical-character recognition software to read the checks value, routing number, and account number. After that you get an email in which Chase confirms the deposit.  Chase only allows $1000 to $3000 dollars deposited per week. This new application using your phone gives the busy person in life to forget about waiting in lines at banks. Chase was not the first bank to issue deposit application, USAA was the first to have it and Bank of American is working on having a application of their own. read more...

Chapter 3.2 EBUSINESS

by Brian P

eBay bringing mobile apps into the future

EBay has revealed their plans in moving forward in the mobile market. Previously users could place bids on an eBay auction using their mobile phones, but they could not make a purchase. In order to complete the transaction process they would have to log on to a computer. Then in 2009 it became possible for users to make purchases using an application that came out for the iPhone. Since then eBay had been working on releasing new apps focused on specific categories such as sporting electronics, motors, etc. They are also planning on making improvements so that the next version of the eBay app will allow the user to sell products as well as purchase them. read more...

Chapter 3.2 Website Metrics

by Tyler P
Website metrics allow decision makers the ability to gauge the effectiveness of their website. Metrics allow for the analysis of actions taken by visitors while they visit a website.

Metrics include:

  • Visitor Metrics – Identified and Unidentified Visitors, Unique Visitors, Session Visitors and Tracked Visitors
  • Exposure Metrics – Page Views, Site Sessions
  • Visit Metrics – Stickiness, Raw Visit Depth, Visit Depth

There are many popular website metric applications available, some are free and others either have a monthly cost or an upfront fee. Popular site metric applications include: read more...

Chapter 3.1 Business and the Internet

by Laurence R
It started with Cupcake. Then came Donut, followed by Éclair. Now we are in the era of Froyo. Are these delicious treats? No. I am talking about the Android mobile operating system developed by Google. The newest Android OS 2.2, “Froyo”, was released earlier this summer and has already garnered a lot of attention. According to one of the articles I read, “…28.7 percent of all Android devices are now running version 2.2 of the operating system, with the largest percentage of growth (by purchase or by updates) occurring within the month of August” (Murphy 2010). read more...

Chapter 3.1 Business and the Internet

by Ruby R

Chapter 3.1 E-Business and Internet

            In an article from Wired titled ” The Good Enough Revolution: When Cheap and Simple is Just Fine,” Robert Capps talks about the success of the Flip Ultra by Pure Digital. Founders of the Flip Ultra, Jonathan Kaplan and Ariel Braunstein, noticed an opportunity in the camera industry, because digital cameras were expensive compared to cheap disposable cameras. Pure Digital relied on the return of the used boxes when customers went to retailers to develop their prints, yet, “brisk sales combined with a lack of speedy returns destroyed the company’s thin margin, and the camera failed” (Capps, 2009). Kaplan and Braunstein became aware of customers willingness to overlook quality for convince. Following their failure with the disposable digital camera, they saw an opportunity to make a cheap and simple video camera, the Flip Ultra. The Flip Ultra was released in 2007 as a small digital video camera that had bare minimum features and was the size of a cigarette pack. The down falls of this video camera are footage quality, the mini viewing screen, no adjustable color features, and its basic controls. Most of all, it was easy to control its recording and uploading functions. The Flip Ultra took the number one spot of video camera’s putting Sony and Canon in the runner up position. Its success was not anticipated by its industry, however, it lead to the latest trend known as Good Enough Tech (Capps, 2009). read more...

Chapter 3.1 Ebusiness

by Dulce N
Disruptive versus Sustaining Technology

The article “Disruptive vs. Sustaining Technologies” by Russell Shaller, W. L. Gore and Associates, discuss the differences between disruptive and sustaining innovations. It talks about the situations of when it is best to improve a product rather than producing a new one. He gives one main example of how in the late 1970’s the primary method of long-distance communications was based on coaxial cable, a microwave radio, or sometimes a satellite. These channels of communication were limited on capacity and were very expensive. Shaller shows that the fiber-optic links became a method of disruptive technology when it took the lead for long-distance communication offering higher capacity to transmit more information over longer distances. (Shaller, 2004) read more...

Chapter 3.2 eBusiness

by Rodriguez J
Chapter 3.2 Ebusiness

Amazon Kindle (3G + Wi-Fi)

As we, all know Amazon is one of the biggest E- Business books selling company in the world. Most of us have either bought or sold a book to Amazon. Amazon first started as being just an online bookstores but later diversified, selling anything from clothes, electronics, books and anything you can think of, making it one of the most successful  online businesses. With technology always changing, Amazon has introduced a new faster and efficient way to purchase books online with its new Kindle 3G eBook. read more...