ERP and Collaboration Systems

SAP 40 and better than ever. {2}

by CyberChic
In looking for an article this week I came across two different
articles on SAP, who is celebrating its 40th birthday this month.
SAP is a German company who specializes in enterprise software
and is definitely keeping it’s competive advantage these
days. It is working on software called HANA which is high-speed
data analysis using parallel computing and in-memory processing.
It is being used by T-Mobilew, who has been successfully
using this technology to speed up database processing which had
previously taken one week to process but now only three hours. Quite an improvement. They seem to understand the importance of mobile technology and have been incorporating it into their suite of products. But to take the competive advantage away from competitors they have acquired their mobile development partner Syclo. Besides SAP, Syclo’s customers are IBM, Oracle and TRIRIGA. read more...

Chapter 10. “Facebook Unveils Instant Messaging” {Comments Off on Chapter 10. “Facebook Unveils Instant Messaging”}

by Monique E
Collaboration systems are tools that support the works of teams.  They are IT based and they do this by sharing the flow of such information.  Businesses can solve a number of tasks they may have with collaboration.  Some of these may include but are not limited to: telecommuting, online meetings, deploying applications, and remote project and sales management. read more...

chapter 10 correlation to the article “Genesys Meeting Center” {Comments Off on chapter 10 correlation to the article “Genesys Meeting Center”}

by Jose R
This article is a review of the features offer by in Genesys Meeting Center software.  It is inexpensive web conferencing software that cost approximately 33 cents per minute per user. This provides a nice alternative to purchasing an allotted time of service.  Once you create an account you are give a “credit Card” of sort with your information and PIN number.  To access the service you simple go to and enter your PIN number (only the moderator needs to enter a PIN number).  The Moderator has full control of the session and software allows display live video and shows the transitions and integrated audio and video on our test PowerPoint slide show.  The moderator can also set up private chat sessions and decide when other can communicate. read more...

chapter 10 Enterprise Resource Planning and collaboration Systems {Comments Off on chapter 10 Enterprise Resource Planning and collaboration Systems}

by Katie M
The article in the New York Times, “Cisco Adds New Technologies to Collaboration Tool Chest,” highlights the new collaboration systems they are implementing. These tools aim is to bring together businesses from all around the globe. They want to move away from a text-based system such as e-mail and use more “People-centric” tools. They have designed their systems to work with any devise from phones to computers. They focused on having the right server, storage and networking infrastructure to make company-to-company collaboration unfold easily without problems. To keep with Cisco’s company aim they have kept the focus on using collaboration but with safety features as their main focus. Some of the new tools are a video posting site, a  TelePresence WebEx Engage, which is an application that allows scheduling with video integration between Cisco TelePresence and Cisco WebEx conferencing. The changes have made it easier to collaborate. read more...

Chapter 10: Is in Business {Comments Off on Chapter 10: Is in Business}

by Eric G

Friday, December 11, 2009

Chapter 10: IS in Business

Google investors spoke with a disgruntled Craigslist stake holder who owns about 28% of the shares. Officials at Google were only interested in purchasing the shares from this unnamed share holder if they can gain control of the way Craigslist was operated. Of course, they were unable to do just that especially with the creator of Craigslist Craig Newmark stating that Google would not comply with Craigslists community views. The success of Ebay and now Craigslist showing no signs of wear are thriving in an era of e-business its a perfect time to capitalize on the market. I relate this story to ERP, in which the major role players involved have to evaluate to risk and ROI making a purchase of this stature would impose on the investment.

Bloomberg News,(2009) Officals say Google eyed Craigslist.

Chapter 10. Enterprise Resource Planning and Collaboration Systems {Comments Off on Chapter 10. Enterprise Resource Planning and Collaboration Systems}

by Erendida M

Going to the virtual office in Second Life

Remote conferencing is becoming more and more necessary in businesses today.  Since travel budgets are squeezed due to the recession, companies can no longer afford to have employees fly across the country as often as they actually need.

            Second life has been used for some years now in video games but now they it is being incorporated into the business world. With second life you can have virtual meetings on their own computer networks.  Second life will have extra security since the meetings will be set in the company’s network, rather than the public networks used in standard Second life. read more...

Chapter 10. Enterprise Resource Planning and Collaboration Systems {Comments Off on Chapter 10. Enterprise Resource Planning and Collaboration Systems}

by Jung S.B.
As travel budgets are squeezed and slashed in the recession, companies are increasingly seeking innovative ways of bringing employees together for conferences and meetings remotely. Virtual community Second Life is seeking market by creating a new tool that realize businesses to have virtual meetings on their own computer networks. The company’s Enterprise tool will let employees’ avatars meet in virtual worlds from the privacy of a company’s own network, rather than the public networks used in standard Second Life. That extra security could encourage more companies to take up the technology. The ability to collaborate effectively using virtual tools may now become an increasingly important skill as technology offers more options than, say, video conferencing. According to Linden Lab, creators of Second Life, more than 1,400 organizations — including large companies, educational institutions, government agencies and even the U.S. military — use Second Life to hold meetings, conduct training and prototype new technologies more efficiently. Rashik Parmar, IBM’s chief technology officer for Europe, told CNN that last year about 350 of its technical leaders from around the world met for 72 hours via Second Life to brainstorm about new technologies.
That is kind of groupware system in collaboration system. With Second life program we can use videoconferencing and web conferencing. Furthermore It will encourage to develop other software related to videoconferencing. read more...

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by Kiah T
The New York Times article, “Bing Adds Features, Including Results From Wolfram Alpha” relates to Chapter 10 because they utilized ERP and decision making support to better there site. Since Microsoft first started BING which began in May they have may modest but steady stands against yahoo and google. Now that the company has had some time to implement and see how their site is working and not working they have collaborated with Wolfram Alpha to know provide answers to questions when a topic is entered into the search engine. Some of the new features include nutritional facts and providing a BMI for people to utilize. If someone typed in chicken in the search engine the nutritional facts would pop up in a box on the same screen. read more...

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by Erik E
Two of the bigger social networking sites will be teaming up together soon. Twitter, and Linkedln will join forces soon. The two sites will let data and information be transfered and shared between the sites. Twitter is popular among younger people, and allows users to tell people what they are doing but only in one hundred and forty characters. Linkedln is a popular networking sites for professionals. It allows users to do things like post resumes and other business operations.The problem between the two sites is that one in for social purposes, while the other is for professional purposes. Is it a good idea for a future employer to see that you are out partying with friends? This leaves us with the main problem of all social networking sites. All of them allow people to post practically anything, but you are not required to use the service at all. So people put themselves in harms way by themselves. It is easy to control what is put up on the Internet as long as you are careful. There are also certain benefits that could come from it too, since it gives people another way to connect and network. read more...

Chapter 10 Enterprise Resource Planning and Collaboration Systems {Comments Off on Chapter 10 Enterprise Resource Planning and Collaboration Systems}

by Katie M
Chapter 10 Enterprise Resource Planning and Collaboration Systems focuses on what Enterprise resource planning is and how it works. ERP is the system that is being crated to help organizations stay connected to other departments, creating consistency in the decision making process.  The book highlights UPS as a company that has integrated the use of ERP’s. They have used the system to connect customer and business partners with real time information related to the business. This technology has had an extremely positive effect on their business.  ERP’s were not created for this function but e-business has made it possible for ERP’s to extend its outreach capabilities. read more...