ERP and Collaboration Systems

SAP 40 and better than ever. {2}

In looking for an article this week I came across two different articles on SAP, who is celebrating its 40th birthday this month. SAP is a German company who specializes in enterprise software and is definitely keeping it’s competive advantage these days. It is working on software called HANA which is high-speed data analysis using […]

Chapter 10. “Facebook Unveils Instant Messaging” {Comments Off}

Collaboration systems are tools that support the works of teams.  They are IT based and they do this by sharing the flow of such information.  Businesses can solve a number of tasks they may have with collaboration.  Some of these may include but are not limited to: telecommuting, online meetings, deploying applications, and remote project […]

chapter 10 correlation to the article “Genesys Meeting Center” {Comments Off}

This article is a review of the features offer by in Genesys Meeting Center software.  It is inexpensive web conferencing software that cost approximately 33 cents per minute per user. This provides a nice alternative to purchasing an allotted time of service.  Once you create an account you are give a “credit Card” of sort […]

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The article in the New York Times, “Cisco Adds New Technologies to Collaboration Tool Chest,” highlights the new collaboration systems they are implementing. These tools aim is to bring together businesses from all around the globe. They want to move away from a text-based system such as e-mail and use more “People-centric” tools. They have […]

Chapter 10: Is in Business {Comments Off}

Friday, December 11, 2009 Chapter 10: IS in Business Google investors spoke with a disgruntled Craigslist stake holder who owns about 28% of the shares. Officials at Google were only interested in purchasing the shares from this unnamed share holder if they can gain control of the way Craigslist was operated. Of course, they were […]

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Going to the virtual office in Second Life Remote conferencing is becoming more and more necessary in businesses today.  Since travel budgets are squeezed due to the recession, companies can no longer afford to have employees fly across the country as often as they actually need.             Second life has been used for some years […]

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As travel budgets are squeezed and slashed in the recession, companies are increasingly seeking innovative ways of bringing employees together for conferences and meetings remotely. Virtual community Second Life is seeking market by creating a new tool that realize businesses to have virtual meetings on their own computer networks. The company’s Enterprise tool will let […]

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The New York Times article, “Bing Adds Features, Including Results From Wolfram Alpha” relates to Chapter 10 because they utilized ERP and decision making support to better there site. Since Microsoft first started BING which began in May they have may modest but steady stands against yahoo and google. Now that the company has had […]

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Two of the bigger social networking sites will be teaming up together soon. Twitter, and Linkedln will join forces soon. The two sites will let data and information be transfered and shared between the sites. Twitter is popular among younger people, and allows users to tell people what they are doing but only in one […]

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Chapter 10 Enterprise Resource Planning and Collaboration Systems focuses on what Enterprise resource planning is and how it works. ERP is the system that is being crated to help organizations stay connected to other departments, creating consistency in the decision making process.  The book highlights UPS as a company that has integrated the use of […]

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“Going green” is picking up a lot of steam lately. The marketing department in every major US company seems to be jumping on the bandwagon. It’s too bad they have waited this long to jump on, or this long just to create the “green” bandwagon in the first place. Being ecologically oriented is an important […]

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AirTran sees more opportunity for fee revenue According to the article, AirTran Airways believes that there is more opportunity to boost up revenue from add-on fees that it passes on to their customers. According to the Chief Financial Officer of AirTran Airways Arne Haak, customers want to be able to buy the cheapest ticket they […]

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How Business Is Adopting Design Thinking According to the article on companies such as GE and P&G have came up with a designed point of view for problem-solving decisions.  The article mentions a course offered at the learning center in Ossining, N.Y. that provides the tools for managers to create design thinking.   “For Lawrence […]

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“Verizon Wireless Customers Can Get the Latest Applications, Ringtones, Music and More on Their Blackberry Tour Smartphones” This article is about when the company, Verizon Wireless, offering new technology to its customers. The blackberry and smartphone phones, both are offering the most recent applications such as instant messaging. Through connecting to the internet with a […]

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Large Hadron Collider is experiencing impossible management situation. Krisztina Holly is a business leader and has to manage about 7,000 scientists from 85 countries around the world. A side from that she has to deal with the scientists’ languages, cultures, and expertise. Also she has no control over the salaries. This situation seems to be […]

Chapter 10: Enterprise Resources Planning and Collaboration Systems {Comments Off}

This week’s reading in the chapter ten textbook talks about enterprise resource planning and collaboration systems. According to the textbook, enterprise resource planning (ERP) “integrates all departments and functions throughout an organization into a single IT system (or integrated set of IT systems) so that employees can make decisions by viewing enterprise-wide information on all […]