Chapter 12. Globalization, Innovation, and 21st Century Organizational Trends

by Jonathan R
After reading the article it talks about how technology is impacting business in a negative way. The company RealNetworks mentions wanting to increase DVD sales by allowing customers to make duplicate copies of the movies that they buy. Movie companies do not want that to happen because they are already hurting in DVD sales of movies. If RealNetworks win the court case then people will have software where they can burn and copy as many copies of a movie as they want to. The company at stake here is Real DVD which produces the software which enables users to save digital copies to their computers. The developing software would allow companies to make DVD players able to make copies of movie discs. The current speed for downloading these movies onto the computer takes about 20 minutes and each player can hold around 70 movies. Each DVD player would sell for about $300 and the way Real would make money is by a commission for each one sold. RealPlayer’s argument is to allow people to legally download movies the right way and I think they have a valid point here. read more...

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