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Chapter 1: IS in Business

by Tiffany H
“FCC Puts Wireless Industry under the Microscope”

The Federal Communications Commission announced that they were going to launch a broad investigation into the leading wireless companies in an effort to find regulations that could help citizens get better, faster and cheaper connections. This announcement was directed at certain wireless companies, such as AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile, who may engage in anti-competitive behavior by utilizing their significant market power within the wireless industry. read more...

Chapter 1: IS in Business

by Adam S

Google’s Battle in Business Software

Google announced that it is trying to create a software, like Microsoft’s, to compete with the mega giants. Google tried there new software with an agreement with GE, which included a software like excel: they created there own word processing and spreadsheet applications called Google Apps. As time went on GE noticed that the programming was slow and insufficient, so GE is thinking about terminating the contract. read more...

Chapter 1: IS in Business

by Guadalupe G
Sony Is Still Feeling the Recession’s Bite

According to the article, the global recession has affected every type of business, but it has hit the Sony Company earnings troublesome. On July 30, 2009 the Sony Company said that it posted a $271 million loss for the quarter of April-June. A year ago Sony posted a $772 million profit, this year it lost much more. The revenues also dropped from about 19% to that of $16.8 billion. Sony’s Chief Financial Officer Nobuyuki Oneda said that Sony had predicted to have a net lost. “Nobuyuki Oneda said the company expected stiff price competition in the electronics industry in the coming months and was sticking with earlier forecasts for an operating loss of $1.16 billion in the fiscal year through March 2010.” read more...

Chapter 1: IS in Business

by Nicole P
Amazon’s Cloud Grows in Europe

According to the article Amazon Web Services have been offering “on-demand computing and storage capacity”. It has been offering it in the form of its Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2) and Simple Storage Service (S3) for the past three years now. Now Amazon Web Services wants to make it effortless for businesses to manage them. Amazon is better known to the public, but its services that it provides for businesses have made it more famous than the “ecommerce side”.
According to the senior VP of Amazon Web Services, Andy Jassy, stated in the article, “Really what we’re trying to do with Amazon Web Services is provide a set of building-block infrastructure services that other businesses can use to build sophisticated scalable applications.”
The company has recently sat up a datacenter in Ireland for businesses to use. Andy Jassy believes that Europe is growing at a rapid pace due to their services. Jassy also wants in Asia in the near future. The service has come a long way in three years at a rate at “80,000 work requests per second, 52 billion objects stored and thousands of developers making use of it”. Amazon Web Services have also added services to include “Simple DB” which according to the article provides a database index and also “Simple Queue Service (SQS) which saves data that moves among different processes.
Andy Jassy said: “The basic philosophy of all of these building blocks is that they’re loosely coupled components – you can use one of them or you can use all of them and you can use any combination that you want.” read more...

Baltzan Chapter 1

Chapter 1. IS in Business

by Sunghyun B

This article says Facebook is going to service its privacy settings. Facebook wants to make it clearer for users to know who has access to their personal data. Facebook is one of the most popular website all over the world. Once you make your own facebook account, it is really easy to find and keep in touch with friends on the web. You can communicate with your friends then you are able to know what they are doing nowadays. If you and your friend are not living at the same town for example you move to another city or country it is a nice way to connect each other. I also have my facebook but I don’t use that so much although I made it three years earlier. Instead of facebook, I have a different personal blog in my country and it called ‘cyworld’. It appeared in around 2000 and still most famous website among Korean. The company extended its overseas business to other Asian countries such as China, Vietnam. Facebook and cyworld have similar functions. You can upload your current photos, nice paintings and write a diary then your friends know what happened to you. But in the case of privacy policy, it is quite different. In order to join `cyworld` you need to have a personal ID number and if you don’t have it you cannot log on. It seems like more strict compare to Facebook. In this article Facebook concerns about users privacy and wants to be developed by privacy changes. In this way Facebook can make users happy to protect their personal information and this is to increase the customer satisfaction.

Chapter 1. IS in Businesss

by Kong H
It is not surprising to say that technology has come a long way since it first emerged less than half a century ago. From the first calculators to computers and now the oh-so convenient laptops and even cellular devices, the technological advances just get better. In America nearly everyone carries with them a cell phone. It has become part of their life, and crucial to their everyday activities and communication. However in some parts of the world, especially in third world countries the like of technology is just unheard of while in other countries the progression to become more technological advance is just beginning. Bill Gates has a solution to help one of the world’s most populated country’s health care programs and labor force through the use of technology. With technological advances, the health care programs can gain easier access to vaccines and its distribution. Above all, technology can most be helpful to the labor force and farmers. In addition, the articles states that cellular technology has been able to bring forth more jobs for people. The advancement in technology would help the markets and industry grow, make finding a job easier and finding those individuals who qualify for those jobs a benefit for the business.
I would have to agree that technology today has changed the world. You can’t go anywhere without finding someone without a cell phone. Emails and computers are the essentials to become more effective in the business realm. Gathering and reaching your contacts without an email and a cell phone can cause a slowdown in business; you won’t be able to reach the ones you need to talk in minutes about business if you didn’t have those things. Another thing that has made business more operative is information and data storage. But without technology storing vital information about business transactions would be much harder. read more...

Chapter 1 Information Systems in Business

by Jacob G
Technology of a green future is the perfect way to describe a new product from Sony and only offered by AT&T. With the Sony Reader Daily Edition one can browse wirelessly with a 3G connection speed, but that’s not all! The Sony Reader Daily Edition also has a Library Finder that creates local libraries e-books at your finger tip for FREE! With a device being so small one would assume only a few e-books to view at a time. Wrong, the Sony Reader Daily Edition offers an internal memory that holds up to 1,000 e-books and offers expansion slots for even more storage for your viewing pleasure. How could you not be a fan, well as stated in the first line the Sony Reader Daily Edition is only offered by AT&T. This brings me to the topic of Switching Costs. Switching Cost is defined as costs that can make customers reluctant to switch to another product or service. In this case many individuals will be more willing to switch from their current wireless service to AT&T just like many did with the new IPhone. With switching from one service to another comes contract breaching and the payment of penalties, Individuals in this case would be the non-fans of this new technology. Is a $150 to get out a contract and the $400 for the new Sony Reader Daily Edition really worth it? I think so and I know many of those non-fans of AT&T being the only wireless service with such technology agree with me on how this technology can change the way we look at switching cost in the wireless industry. 1,000 e-books at your fingertips over $550 I think many will begin looking into AT&T and forget about the expenses involved with switching cost.
Ganapati, P. (2009). New Sony Reader adds touchscreen, wireless downloads. Retrieved August 25, 2009, from CNN TechnologyWeb: read more...

Chapter 1: Information Systems in Business

by Skyler T
In this weeks article I read about how internet websites affect how business will be operating. Two thirds of all the businesses involved in this article said their business either had a website or was planning to make one in the next year. I found this to be very interesting seeing as we are in the technology era and everyone seems to have a computer and or internet access these days. read more...

Chapter 1 – IS in Business

by Gabby T
By Gabby T
Albert Gonzalez, age 28, a computer hacker and identity theft, is charged in Miami 2008 for stealing more than 170 million accounts of credit card and debit card numbers. Gonzalez’s case is the largest cases known for identity theft in America. He used to work for the U.S. Secret Service hunt hackers under the government in 2003. Gonzalez did have three cases accusing him of identity theft and only two cases were pleaded guilty. Report shows that even when Gonzalez was in jail, he still found ways to hack into systems and steal about 40 million accounts, which he was accused for using a different identity theft to take out other peoples’ assets. When Gonzalez was working under the government in U.S. Secret Service hunt hackers, he secretly hacked into large and wealthy company, such as, the Fortune 500 companies. He had stolen credit card numbers from T.J. Maxx, Barnes & Noble, Sports Authority and OfficeMax. The reason why he is able to do this is by using a laptop and cruising through certain places searching for “retailers’ accessible wireless Internet signals”. Once the wireless signals are available then he uses a program called “sniffer programs” to captured credit cards information and digits. He either use the accounts information or sale it to others to make a profit. Of all the causes that Gonzalez had done, his defense lawyer stated that Gonzalez is “good man and means no harm”, he only has a computer addiction. read more...