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Wireless Payments {Comments Off on Wireless Payments}

Wireless Payments – paying with the ‘Square’ iPhone credit card reader

Carrying cash around is becoming more and more unpopular – the trend is towards using credit or debit cards payments when going on all kind of daily errands. The Payments Council, a British organisation that sets strategy for payments in the UK, even announced that “cash is no longer King”. After having observed payment trends in the UK between 1999 and 2009, they came to the conclusion that the number of payments made by cash decreased from 79% to 59% (The Times, 2010). As opposed to this, the usage of plastic money increases worldwide. Today cards payments are used in 50% of all consumer purchases in the US, compared to 36% in 2003 (Eichenbaum & Collins, 2010).


Nanotechnology {Comments Off on Nanotechnology}

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Businesses are constantly striving to establish competitive advantages using different technologies. In this world of information technology, we are constantly pushing to obtain the latest advances in science to apply to businesses. The computer revolution gave forth amazing applications that pushed efficiencies to maximum levels. However, with the rise of breakthroughs in nanotechnology, a new era of machines, computers, and materials will accelerate everything we know today to what used to be considered “science fiction” levels.


Using Facebook in business {Comments Off on Using Facebook in business}

Social networking has become a craze across the country and around the world in the past decade. It has almost become a necessity in everyday life for many people. This growing dependency for instant communication and networking has opened up an entire new world to businesses everywhere. Social networking websites such as Facebook have become incredibly cheap and efficient tools in the business world. These sites can be used for cheap advertising, instant communication, networking groups, and many more things that benefit businesses at little or no cost.


IPv6: the Internet, broader. {Comments Off on IPv6: the Internet, broader.}

While the World Wide Web users are more and more numerous, the internet we know today is reaching some of its limits. The IPv6 comes to enhance these limits, and makes the internet enter a new dimension.

The Internet Protocol version 6 is the communication protocol developed in order to succeed to the actual IPv4. The Internet Protocol is the main means of communication on which the internet is built. Why 6? Because the “IPv5” is already used to designate an experimental protocol, developed but now abandoned.


RFID tags in Retail Stores {Comments Off on RFID tags in Retail Stores}

Tracy Cardoza

RFID tags in Retail Stores

Don’t you just hate going to the store and finding that the product you were looking for wasn’t on the shelf or out of stock? RFID is an aspiring technology that is being implemented in our everyday lives and is now being used to help retail stores. Companies like Wal-Mart, Macys, and Metro have begun using this technology in some of their stores and placing it on things like inventory, shipping, and individual products (Bustillo). This is saving their business money by improving the efficiency of their supply chain. Even though companies see RFID as a convenience others argue what a nuisance it could become. Retailers are only using RFID tags to keep up with customer demands.


Business and Social Networks {Comments Off on Business and Social Networks}

With the invention of the internet more and more businesses began popping up. The internet gave them a virtual store front to showcase their products to consumers around the world. Businesses are always searching for the next new thing or way to get their name out to the masses. With the explosion in popularity of social networking web sites such as MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter, businesses had to spring into action fast and establish their presence on these web sites. These social networking web sites have millions of users so the potential for exposure is enormous. Some businesses rely on social networking to find employees, offer deals to their customers, and release new products (Quinn, 2010).


SAP Use in Business {Comments Off on SAP Use in Business}

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SAP in Business Use

Data is vast information that is crucial in the world of business simply because data is relevant to how businesses run and perform. A major player that is used widely is a system that originates out of Germany. That system is known as SAP and many companies and businesses use SAP that most people are completely unaware of. Businesses that choose to implement SAP have seen huge improvements and benefits. That alone indicates that SAP is a great system to use for businesses who are struggling or have just started up and running. A report from last year will show how SAP had an increase in margin growth and net income. SAP has proven to assist companies and is a pivotal tool for other businesses who are considering whether or not to adapt a SAP system.


The Evolution of Telecommunications {Comments Off on The Evolution of Telecommunications}

Elizabeth Fraire
IS 130 Research Paper
November 29, 2010
The Evolution of Telecommunications
During the past 10 years, there has been an extreme global change in the way people communicate. It started out with writing letters and sending them through the mail then landlines were installed in the U.S. and people became amazed with telephones. Fast forward to today and people use email instead of mail. A cell phone is a necessity instead of a luxury item and people communicate around the world with different social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace. The days of needing a landline are becoming extinct. The new landline in our world is called VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol). VoIP is a telecommunication system that uses TCP/IP technology to deliver voice calls to local and long distances areas using the Internet (Vonage,2010). Companies such as Vonage and Apple are going to be discussed in how they provide VoIP to consumers and also the advantages and disadvantages of using VoIP.
Vonage is becoming the new AT&T in today’s society. Vonage is a company that offers unlimited local, long-distance, and worldwide phone services using VoIP via high-speed connection instead of a telephone line (Vonage,2010). People have the opportunity to call 60 different countries unlimited for a set price of $25.99 (Vonage, 2010). The only mandatory item people must have to receive VoIP phone calls is a VoIP phone adapter. The phone adapter is connected to your existing high-speed Internet connection and then to your phone, and there, you are set to make phone calls. The best part is that your computer does not have to be used in this process what so eve. The people that you call they do not need a computer, Internet, or Vonage, they just need a phone. The U.S. is one of the most diverse countries in the world. People migrate to the U.S. from all over and therefore people eventually will want to talk to their loved ones and friend from their homeland. Vonage is the way to go when it comes to communicating long-distance and worldwide.
Apple is another company that has integrated VoIP in their IPhones in a similar but different way than Vonage. In June 2010, Apple released the new IPhone 4. One of new features that Apple concentrated in promoting was the FaceTime feature. FaceTime is VoIP but instead it is video calling using WiFi only (Nyguyen, 2010). It is a neat feature that let’s people video call anyone in the world. It also let’s people paint a picture of how calling people will be like in the future. The benefits of FaceTime are that it is free when using it, since it is used on a WiFi connection minutes will not be used during the call, you can switch from FaceTime video calling to a regular call, and of course you can actually see the other person when you are calling them. On the other hand, FaceTime can only be used by people that have IPhone 4’s, it is not compatible with other cellular devices except for the most recent IPod, and you have to have WiFi connection or it will not work. Overall the FaceTime feature on the IPhone 4 is very intriguing but at the same time it is limited to only IPhone 4 users.
When a company called Vocaltec first introduced VoIP in 1995, it didn’t captivate people’s attention because it was not the right time, and people were still stuck on the idea of a cell phone (VoIP History, 2010). At that time phone calls made over the Internet were of poor quality because high-speed Internet did not exist. Now in 2010, the Internet has evolved to a high-speed torpedo. The connectivity is extremely fast compared to 10 years ago. You can pay bills, shop for anything, call people, learn how to play the guitar, and so on. There are an infinite amount of things you can do over the Internet. Some of the disadvantages that VoIP posses are reliability and availability (Sindu, 2010). VoIP is ideally used in a household rather than in a business. Since VoIP operates through electricity, a power outage may occur and a business such as Apple, would loose profit by the minute, unlike a household. A business needs a telecommunication system that is reliable and secure(Sindu, 2010). Considering that VoIP uses the Internet, it is still vulnerable to virus attacks, hacking, and Internet traffic, therefore people have to install security software. VoIP can be affordable for a household but from a business perspective it is best to maintain a landline because of reliability and availability issues.
Overall, using VoIP is becoming popular in house holds and is changing the way people communicate.


Smart Phone Apps {Comments Off on Smart Phone Apps}

And how they revolutionized business.

The world as we know it is relying more and more on technology. This technology is becoming smaller and faster than many of us may have ever imagined. When I was in middle school I would have never dreamed of having a phone that could get on the internet, keep track of a company’s calendaring system, and watch videos of people making fountains from Mentos and Coke. This process was streamlined with the introduction of the App Store.


Netflix: redefining an industry with instant streaming technology {Comments Off on Netflix: redefining an industry with instant streaming technology}

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Netflix is the world’s leading Internet subscription service for watching movies and TV shows.  It has successfully established itself as a popular entity in the video rental and entertainment industry.  Since its beginning in 1997, Netflix has evolved from offering DVD rentals by mail to developing software that allows subscribers to view movies and TV shows via the internet.  Today, Netflix’s success can be attributed to strategic innovation and a competitive advantage that involves streaming technology, a customized customer database, and electronic product partnerships.