Smart Phones: What Do They Bring to the Business Table?

by Katlyn G
Katlyn Garcia

Professor Henson

Tues/ Thurs 930-1045

Smart Phones: What Do They Bring to the Business Table?

Smart phones are everywhere, it seems like a majority of the people walking down the street don’t even notice the other person is there; everyone has their gaze directly at their screen. Most people carry their whole lives on this tiny piece of technology and it has shaped the business world, as we know it today. Between being able to send emails and instant messages, these phones are now even able to do “video conferencing” conversations. However, are there any drawbacks to these phones? Are we as a country losing social skills on a one on one basis because of these new “technologic friends”? The business field seems to use smart phones as a tool, even giving them to employees for work use, it seems as though these new devices are changing life as we know it. Smart phones can help you from social networking all the way to unlocking your car with just a tap of the screen. It seems as though these phones can’t go wrong…but things might not always be, as they seem. read more...

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The Benefits of VoIP Technology

by Kimberly D
Kimberly Doi

IS 130, TTh 9:30-10:45


VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) has the potential to be a beneficial tool for modern firms and businesses.  Communicating across long distances can be made easier with the help of VoIP.  Businesses can also save money in the long run by using this technology.  Privacy is a concern with VoIP, but there are ways to protect networks from being hacked.  To keep up with today’s fast paced and technology driven world, businesses should consider using VoIP. read more...

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jQuery: Saving Money and Saving the Web

by Tyler P
New open source technologies are allowing businesses to decrease overhead costs and improve their web presence at the same time. In 2006, a new javascript library called jQuery was envisioned by John Resig, a JavaScript Tool Developer for the Mozilla Corporation (“John resig -,” 2010). John Resig proposed the idea of creating a javascript library based on the CSS selector method to interact with DOM level elements (“History – jQuery,” 2010) . The library was welcomed by the developer community and even given front-page status on Digg and on its launch date (“History – jQuery,” 2010). The new library has had a huge impact on the development community, allowing online businesses to harness web 2.0 interactivity at a much faster and less expensive rate. read more...

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Storage Technology

by Linda C
In today’s business industry, the use of information system is important in expanding and improving how a company works.  The important factor in managing a business is storing information.  There is an increase of data that makes it essential to have an information storage management within the industry.  The storage technology assists businesses to control and manage their products and services.  It provides a better way to store, access and to examine data that will improve the product and services in order to satisfy the customer with the best quality.  A storage technology has the ability to access and identify every bit of information that is stored for future references.  In using a storage data, there is an advantages and disadvantages for businesses to use storage technology. read more...

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Research paper second life by alan serrano

by Alan S
Alan Serrano

Myron Hatcher

IS 130

Second Life

People have always looked to take a break from the rigors of life and to escape reality. They accomplished this by reading a book, listening to stories, watching plays, films, television shows and playing video games. There is a new format that allows a person to take that break from reality, its call second life. This paper will look onto what is “Second Life” and how it works. What are the benefits to “Second Life?” read more...

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Disruptive Technology

by Ia V
Disruptive Technology

Advancement in technology has been a long part of the history of humanity. Today more than ever, technology is increasing by leaps and bounds. It has come a long way from the first simple pieces of hunting tools to today’s hot new gadgets and gizmos. Everything from the way companies are doing business to the way everyday people live their lives is dependent upon some form of technology. Although technology can make life easier for society, some types of technology are more welcome than others. A type of unwelcome technology is disruptive technology. Disruptive technology is unwelcomed by business and consumers at first, but they can also revolutionize industries given time. DVDs or Digital Versatile/Video Discs, digital cameras/photography, and video streaming are just a few examples of disruptive technology that have invaded the market within the last two decades. read more...

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Business Benefits from Social Networking

by Megan C
What is social networking and how is it beneficial?  This was probably a more common question a few years ago, but yet today it might be one of the easiest to answer by most people.  The most common social networking sites consist of Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and YouTube.  A good question to ask yourself is how did these sites become so popular?  The answer is actually fairly simple; people wish to stay connected with friends, family, and the outside world.  Typically, internet and even mobile based these different sites combine technology and social interaction by the use of words, videos, and pictures at a fairly cheap if not for any price at all. Countless businesses are now using these social networking sites to their advantage. Although these social sites have been used for many years, why are businesses so eagerly interested in getting involved with sites like Facebook and Twitter? How do these social networking sites benefit and potentially help a business become more successful? Also, who else will benefit. read more...

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Research Paper: 3D Models of a city – Google Earth

by Marina S
By Marina Schweizer

Google Earth is well known by many internet users for its ability to observe the world from above. But how can we use and benefit from 3D models of a city as a tool implemented in Google Earth? In the following essay, I’d like to answer this question. Firstly, I will explain what a 3D model of a city is. Then, I’d like to propose some benefits and disadvantages of 3D models as used in Google Earth and discuss the future of 3D Models. read more...

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Research Paper; Tablets Use in the Business World

by Amber V
Amber Velez


Tu, Thurs 9:30-10:45

Tablets Use in the Business World

            A tablet is a mobile device that is very similar to a computer. The new and popular versions of the tablets are the Ipad and the Android tablets. In a world that is becoming increasingly more interested in the newest technology trends, the tablet has become a success. According to the textbook, businesses are striving to become a “mobile workforce” (Baltzan, & Phillips, 2010). Companies are doing so in order “to increase productivity, speed delivery to market and reduce operating costs” (Baltzan, & Phillips, 2010). In my opinion the tablet is just another means of achieving this goal. The tablet has many capabilities that will benefit business as a whole they are appealing in size, capabilities and they have applications [apps] that laptops don’t have. read more...

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Lauren Hebert Research- Volusion Announces Credit Card Fraud Protection Service for Online Store Owners

by Lauren H
Lauren Hebert

Is 130

Research Paper

Volusion Announces Credit Card Fraud Protection Service for Online Store Owners

For my research paper, I decided to pick a company who is taking a stand on online credit card fraud, Volusion.  Now, some people may say that this type of card fraud is not a big deal, or that it is not as traumatic as ID theft, or bank account theft, however I think that this is a very pressing issue and is only growing with sophistication both for the preventers as well as those who commit the fraud.  Technology is becoming faster, smarter, and more available, as are the thieves who steal people’s credit card information while online and are completely oblivious as to the risk they are taking. read more...

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