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Research Paper; Tablets Use in the Business World

by Amber V
Amber Velez


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Tablets Use in the Business World

            A tablet is a mobile device that is very similar to a computer. The new and popular versions of the tablets are the Ipad and the Android tablets. In a world that is becoming increasingly more interested in the newest technology trends, the tablet has become a success. According to the textbook, businesses are striving to become a “mobile workforce” (Baltzan, & Phillips, 2010). Companies are doing so in order “to increase productivity, speed delivery to market and reduce operating costs” (Baltzan, & Phillips, 2010). In my opinion the tablet is just another means of achieving this goal. The tablet has many capabilities that will benefit business as a whole they are appealing in size, capabilities and they have applications [apps] that laptops don’t have. read more...

Lauren Hebert Research- Volusion Announces Credit Card Fraud Protection Service for Online Store Owners

by Lauren H
Lauren Hebert

Is 130

Research Paper

Volusion Announces Credit Card Fraud Protection Service for Online Store Owners

For my research paper, I decided to pick a company who is taking a stand on online credit card fraud, Volusion.  Now, some people may say that this type of card fraud is not a big deal, or that it is not as traumatic as ID theft, or bank account theft, however I think that this is a very pressing issue and is only growing with sophistication both for the preventers as well as those who commit the fraud.  Technology is becoming faster, smarter, and more available, as are the thieves who steal people’s credit card information while online and are completely oblivious as to the risk they are taking. read more...

Individual Project- WiMAX Wireless Technology

by Hazael A
The creation of WiMAX wireless technology is in the forefront of mobile wireless technology as the movement begins to move to the 4G realm.  With the movement into a different technology, questions arise regarding what the possibilities of WiMAX can be.  The paper will discuss the advantages of WiMAX wireless technology, how WiMAX compares to current Wi-Fi technology, how the implementation process of WiMAX will be executed, and the potential value/impact WiMAX wireless technology will have on modern firms and businesses. read more...