Data Mining in Marketing

By: Mohammed A.

Have you ever experienced this, where you open your social media page and all of a sudden see advertisements of a shirt or pair of shoes you were looking at a day ago; well know that it is not a coincidence. It is very likely that the company has been monitoring your online habits for some time and used that data to market and advertise specific products that align with your interests. Within the journal article “Revisiting the problem of market segmentation,” the author emphasizes how data mining helps marketing users to target marketing campaigns and also to align campaigns with the needs, wants, and attitudes of customers and prospects (Lien). This process is most widely used digitally, where every website a person visits leaves a digital footprint, which allows companies to gather that data and market products that will appeal to the individual the most. In essence, data mining can be very beneficial in the advertisement and market industry, where companies are able to gain a competitive advantage through the use of various tools and techniques that allow them to monitor their potential customers’ behaviors. read more...

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