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Google Privacy Issues

by Nelson T
Google has been hit with criticism for having different privacy policies for their web services for consumers. They now have a unified privacy policy but they have done much to change it ways on data collection. Everything a user types into google search or other services are collected and store on googles server database. Alma Whitten, director of privacy, policy and engineering states in her blog that google can do better at collecting data so that when a user types in a word for example, Apple, it will return related data about apple and relevant ads to the user. Representatives Ed Markey and Richard Blumenthal from congress have responded to her blog by saying that they question how allows its users to control their sharing of information and allow users full control of their data. Not only is google collection data for their databases but also other services like Facebook. They provide their services for free but with a catch. The catch being that you provide them your information used for advertising which makes companies money. Personal information stored on Google’s servers are transferred over to their other services. The only way to stop is to, of course Log off the computer. A downside of this is Google’s Android mobile platform that constantly uses google services and is always connected. Privacy I believe will be an ongoing issue in this day and age and in the future because people are becoming more connected to the internet and doing social media. I believe it is best for users to keep very personal data to themselves and not expose it over the internet. Even if it is deleted, it isn’t in reality so its best to restrain from uploading or posting data. read more...

What is the Cloud?

by Nelson T
In an article that I have read from PC Magazine Online, cloud computing is the next big thing coming to consumers and businesses. Cloud computing allows people to have complete access to their personal data as well as data from other users as well. This is called Personal Cloud Computing. An example of one of the many benefits of the personal cloud is automatic sync. If a user searches for music using their mobile device, purchases a piece of music from their favorite artist, the mp3 file downloads not only on their mobile device but also downloads automatically to their home computer and other devices that are linked that cloud account. Other items include the user’s address book, email and documents.  Having access to the cloud is fairly cheap and this is attracts business. Businesses can use the cloud to do some serious data mining on the fly. Having access to information coming from their users. A way that a cloud can be distinguished is from key attributes such as it being from a third party vendor that is usually off site, accessed over the internet, minimal IT knowledge are a few attributes. Cloud computing is very useful for a connected consumer and for the success of a business. As an owner of an Apple iPhone, I am a user of their cloud service named iCloud. I find this service to be very useful. Just like my example from earlier, anything i do on my mobile smartphone is sync automatically to cloud servers and then pushed to my laptop and other devices that are connected to the iCloud service. I have personally realized the benefits of this service and its been great since the start. I rely on it almost everyday to make sure I get what i need from anywhere I am connected. read more...

Verizon, Motorola unveil the Droid correlated with chapter 7

by Jose R
This article highlight the Motorola Droid, a new phone offered exclusively By Verizon wireless.  It was designed for people seeking an alternative to the iPhone and shows that while the iPhone has standard it is not immune to threat or rather “not untouchable” as stated by Straton (  The Droid offers many similar features and runs on the Android OS.  The Droid offers voice activated search feature for music photos and contacts, Google maps turn by turn GPS directions, it also offers a 5-megapixel camera, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. It has a Webkit HTML 5 browser, and it’s powered by a 550MHz processor and a removable lithium ion battery offering 6.4 hours talk time and up to 11 days of standby time. read more...

Chapter 7 Networks, Telecommunications, and mobile technology

by Katie M
A new technology that is embarrassing the use of Global Positioning Systems is the GTX Corp who has invented a tracking device used in shoes. This technology is aimed at Alzheimer’s patients, as a way of finding them if they get lost. For a fee of $20 a month a subscriber to the tracking service can ask to be alerted when the tracker leaves a certain area. This technology is still in the beginning stages and still being tested. Aetrex is the shoe company that is partnering with the GPS Company. The companies expecting to launch their product by the end of the year (2010).
This technology is being debated weather or not it is beneficial or detrimental to users. Many people say that having a tracking devise in a shoe would take away the rights of individuals or patients. The article GPS Shoes to track Alzheimer’s patients on is on the side of beneficial if the user is aware of the technology and approves of its use. The cost of these shoes will run about $200 to $300. This price is worth the security that it gives to the loved ones of Alzheimer’s patients, who are said to get lost at least once with this disease. This technology has been used before in wristbands and anklets, but the designs were bulky and cumbersome. The shoes will be a great way to solve this problem. This chip technology is said to bring in an estimated total of 5 billion dollars. This is just the start to many more inventions with this technology. read more...

Chapter 7: IS in Business

by Eric G

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Chapter 7: IS in Business

An MIT program designated to find inovated ways to capitalize on cell phone abilities has a very interesting vision on maximizing a cell phones capabilities by allowing health workers to take pictures of x-rays and transport the screenshot along with data over seas for a much faster response time. A non-profit organization by the name of Moca, created this particular software and decided to use cell phones because they are inexpensive, personal, connected and everywhere. Their main focus was to create health care access in less wealthy countries. Cellphones are becoming computers and with new technology going as fast as it is there’s no telling what else could come of this to help benefit the less fortunate areas of the world.

Cell phones will ultimately get cheaper with time and their capabilities are going to be highly advanced. This type of sotware and technology can not only save many lives but open the doors to future innovations that will effect all countries.

Denison, D.C. (2009), Using Cell Phones to Change the World
The Boston Globe
Reference Link:

Ch. 7 Networks, Telecommunications, and Mobile Technology

by Hazael A
In the article, “AT&T approves VoIP for iPhone,” the discussion focuses on the capability of the iPhone to be able to use VoIP applications, most specifically Skype. Voice over Internet Protocol(VoIP) transmits voice calls over long distance phone lines using a data network. AT&T’s previous stand is to not allow VoIP apps over their 3G network, but allowing the use over any Wi-Fi network. Allowing customers the ability to now make phone calls over AT&T’s 3G network is huge, for now phone calls can be made without customer’s using their wireless minutes. Although AT&T’s reluctance to allow VoIP apps has merit, AT&T implemented the use of VoIP due to customer demand for the use of the application. The availability of VoIP apps will be available soon over a 3G network as apps begin to be implemented onto the iPhone. read more...

IS-130 Chapter7. Network, Telecommunications. and mobile technology

by Junki L
This article’s subject is that AT&T Allows Internet Voice Calls on Apple’s iPhone. According to this article, it expresses that AT&T will open its third-generation wireless network to third-party Internet voice applications on iPhone, clearing the way for services such as Skype. Also, Apple praised AT&T’s action and said it would move rapidly to make voice over Internet protocol apps available on the iPhone.
One of the Skype director said that AT&T’s move the right direction and it is very good, but also, to maintain open Internet, administration procedures are also needed.
Apple spokeswoman expresses that they are so happy that AT&T is now supporting VoIP applications and they will be revising our developers’ agreement to get VoIP on the apple store and in customers’ hand as soon as possible.
First, we need to know what VoIP is, and it is voice over Internet Protocol. VoIP uses TCP/IP technology to send out voice calls over long-distance telephone lines.
Developing of telecommunication is very needed and useful for us. Between telecommunication companies, they amalgamate their software of technologies each other and it help technology to develop more. As we already know, a lot of people in the world use the Skype or iPod. I also use the Skype to call my family or my friends frequently, because I live apart from them now. Of course, as telecommunication technologies are developed, we can use this freely, but I sometimes feel very inconvenient when I use the Skype, because I must have the computer to call them. When I am outside or without the computer, I cannot call, especially abroad. Thus, I thought if I use to this service through my cellular, it is really good. Thus, I am very glad that I see this article. read more...

Ch. 7 Magic Jack

by Nancy R

Chapter 7 introduces us to the concepts of network architecture and mobile technology and how these technologies can help employees better communicate within an organization and allow easier and faster responses to others outside the organization. Businesses must understand the new trends of technology to compete in today’s mobile world. Members in an organization must have easy access the largest network–the internet. read more...