Chapter 7 Networks, Telecommunications, and Mobile Technology

by Jacob G
Staying connected in the business world is more important than ever. As one sees more and more business professionals, one can’t help, but notice the cell phone attached to their ear. What about when a business professional is on the road and has a call while using their phones GPS? Garmin has you covered! Garmin is at it again; first it was their GPS that solved everyone’s direction needs as they travel. With an already obsolete product they have just made the GPS market something even more interesting with the Garmin GPS Smartphone! One can now view one’s directions while taking that business call. With the new cell phone laws and business becoming more mobile than ever this will be a great way for Garmin to really create a better product which is already more popular than it was 2 to 3 years ago. For those who do not want to pay the added high price fee of having a phone system in your vehicle this is an awesome way to create a more competitive market with the navigation screens imbedded into high priced vehicles. Garmin’s Nuvifone will be offered for $299 after rebate from AT&T which brings up a point of how business is completely mobile and how Garmin’s Nuvifone will really help out those who don’t like the Bluetooth head sets, tickets for being on cell phones, and viewing their maps as they make those important business calls. I think I will be able to use this in my profession as a Real Estate Broker to meet with my clients at the destination wished and be on the phone at the same time. I’m sure once my sister picks up this information about the Garmin Nuvifone she will be just as interested as I am since she uses her Garmin everyday in her profession. Garmin Good Idea!

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