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Chapter 7: Networks, Telecommunications, and Moblie Technology

by Guadalupe G
Report: Dell to make Android phone for AT&T

According to the article, Dell Inc. is currently developing a new smart phone for AT&T that is able to run on Google’s Android phone operating system. The new smart phone is set to debut early next year, but Google, AT&T, and Dell declined to add a comment. The rocky economy has shaken Dell’s main product sales and analyst believe that Dell will fall faller down if it doesn’t do something fast which is why they believe that expanding and increasing it’s mobile technology is the way to go. In 2007 Dell hired a division executive from Motorola which spread rumors that Dell was working towards a new smart phone. Currently the Android is free for phone makers to modify and use which has made it very popular and is making its path onto better high-end phone which will rival that of Apple’s Iphone. AT&T currently sells the iphone, but isn’t afraid to offer other rival phones like the blackberry. I also heard about Verizon and Google teaming up together to develop the new smart phone Android which is why I think it is a good idea that AT&T jumped on board too. At this point the Android doesn’t come close to the iphone in the number of application it offers people, but eventually with time and development it should mirror that of the iphone with the same amount of apps offered. The Android will only benefit both businesses and customers because Verizon, Google, and AT&T plan to invest a lot of money and time into which will result in be services, phones, and operating systems. read more...

Chapter 7: Networks, Telecommunications, and Moblie Technology

by Nicole P
Google, Verizon Wireless: A Potent Smartphone Team An Android mobile alliance between the two giants could soon result in formidable smartphone competition for the dominant iPhone and Blackberry

According to the article, Verizon Wireless and Google stated that they will team up together to create mobile services, software, and devices for the operating system that is currently being developed by Google. The news of both giants working together on a smart phone only gives the iphone and blackberry more competition. Previously the only two other organizations in the smart phone market where Apple which has the Iphone and Research In Motion which has the blackberry, but with the new news there is another player in the game. With the agreement between both organizations, the new Android is set to have the largest wireless backer which analyst believe will likely help speed up development for its devices, applications, and operating system.
Also stated in the article was the prediction about the debut date of the new smart phone by Verizon Wireless and Google. Analysts believed that by yearend that more than 30 Android-base devices will be manufactured. Although the new devices are trying to battle with current smart phones like the iphone, they don’t come close to having the amount of applications like the iphone right now. According to the article, the iphone currently has 85,000 apps which are a lot more than 10,000 apps which the Android currently offers. The reason for the agreement of both giants is partly because Apple and Verizon haven’t come to an agreement to sell the iphone. Analysts also believe that more and more mobile phone manufactures will switch from iphone to the new smart phone. I am currently a Verizon Wireless customer and am finally excited to hear about a phone that can compare with the iphone. read more...

Chapter 7. Networks, Telecommunications, and Mobile Technology

by Sunghyun B

I read this article from PC World and it is saying about a new Smartphone. A Smartphone means a combination of a cell phone and a PDA (Personal digital assistants) in a one device. We can add and store information, use email, and install programs to the phone so it is different with a cell phone. In this article, Samsung and Sprint launched the Android-based Moment, a touch screen handset with a full QWERTY keyboard and the Moment will be available on November 1. The Moment has a 3.2-inch AMOLED display and that is Samsung`s developing a technology. AMOLED include better battery life, thinner hardware, and a wider viewing angle. A few months ago an AMOLED handset proved the high quality of AMOLED display. The Moment has five hardware: Talk, End, Home, Back and Menu. It doesn`t have a Google Search button that many Android handsets have. The Moment also has an optical mouse. Samsung said that the Moment’s processor will make Web browsing faster, provide smoother video playback and allow more multitasking. It has a generous 32 GB of external memory too. The Moment has a 3.2-megapixel camera, autofocus and video camcorder. Other features include visual voicemail, turn-by-turn GPS, Wi-Fi, calendar sync, Exchange support, a 3.5-mm headphone jack, stereo Bluetooth. And, because it is an Android phone, you get a suite of Google apps like Gmail, YouTube, and more. Smartphone like the Samsung Moment is very important when it comes to business. By using Smartphone we can get the new information faster than ever. It is comfortable for businessman to bring the device so that people can carry it anywhere, anytime. There are a lot of functions in the phone that`s why it is very practical.

Ch 7 Network, Telecommunication, Mobile Devices

by Kong H
Known as the best network, Verizon made a name for itself by getting great reviews on its quality network and services however, when it comes down to their phones, they are nearly in last place compared to the top network carriers. When you talk about smartphones, Verizon is behind AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint in sales and services. Verizon may have the highest network quality and arguably the best telecommunication network but it lacks the potential to pull in customers interested in smartphones. Because Verizon do not have those newly attractive smartphones like that of the Apple IPhone in partnership with AT&T, or the Palm with Sprint, it is in constant competition with those networks. Even with its BlackBerry phones, Verizon is unable to attract the number of customers to its network. It is even so that Verizon customers terminated their contracts early to switch over to their competing networks to get their hands on much more hi-tech smartphones. But Verizon spokesperson claims their main goal is not to have the best handheld devices but to have the best overall network. Verizon states they are not so much worried about the devices itself but the delivery, the pledge to provide customers with great satisfaction in the network. read more...

Chapter 7 Networks, Telecommunications, and Mobile Technology

by Jacob G
Staying connected in the business world is more important than ever. As one sees more and more business professionals, one can’t help, but notice the cell phone attached to their ear. What about when a business professional is on the road and has a call while using their phones GPS? Garmin has you covered! Garmin is at it again; first it was their GPS that solved everyone’s direction needs as they travel. With an already obsolete product they have just made the GPS market something even more interesting with the Garmin GPS Smartphone! One can now view one’s directions while taking that business call. With the new cell phone laws and business becoming more mobile than ever this will be a great way for Garmin to really create a better product which is already more popular than it was 2 to 3 years ago. For those who do not want to pay the added high price fee of having a phone system in your vehicle this is an awesome way to create a more competitive market with the navigation screens imbedded into high priced vehicles. Garmin’s Nuvifone will be offered for $299 after rebate from AT&T which brings up a point of how business is completely mobile and how Garmin’s Nuvifone will really help out those who don’t like the Bluetooth head sets, tickets for being on cell phones, and viewing their maps as they make those important business calls. I think I will be able to use this in my profession as a Real Estate Broker to meet with my clients at the destination wished and be on the phone at the same time. I’m sure once my sister picks up this information about the Garmin Nuvifone she will be just as interested as I am since she uses her Garmin everyday in her profession. Garmin Good Idea!