DevOps: Merging Agile Development Practices with Operations

By Chris F. With advances in the current generation of software and hardware, system and networking administration as a field is now more than ever able to iterate over design and implementation of systems and networks. This leads these groups to improve their practices with better methodologies.

With software development as a kindred spirit in virtual space, systems and networking administrators read more...

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The Bleeding Edge of Cloud Computing

By Stefan A.

With the advent of cloud computing and services, a new wave of technology has come upon us with exciting and new possibilities for technology. These new services aren’t infallible and being an early adopter without knowing too much can create vulnerabilities in your company. Providers such as Amazon, Google, Salesforce, IBM, Microsoft, and Sun Microsystems have begun to establish new data centers for hosting Cloud computing applications in various locations around the world to provide redundancy and ensure reliability in case of site failures (Yeo, 2009). It is vital that business/systems analysts stay informed about the latest technology and its back-end so that they may effectively deploy it to create a more secure workplace. read more...

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CRM in Today’s Business

By Bradley D.

Customer relationship management, or CRM is it’s known by most, has seen a massive rise in popularity in the business world in the past few years. Companies like, Microsoft, and Sugar have catapulted this business vital software into the spotlight and have been able to display its benefits all the way from the SMB to the fortune 500. Any company, be it a 5 person or 5,000 person operation, can now quickly and easily benefit from the advanced customer tracking, order handling, and general customer customization almost any CRM platform has to offer. CRM in the work place in this day and age is almost unavoidable because of its easy accessibility, capabilities for customization of specific industries, and its overall benefits to not only the customers inside of its databases, but also to the companies that run these systems. read more...

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Software Defined Network (SDN) & Cisco Evolved Services Platform

Nowadays, the business is going to reduce the IT investments, and increase their core business. In the meantime, the demand of network services that the consumers want data, video, and other mobile services combine together is also increasing rapidly. Therefore, the internet service providers need to be responded the demand quickly and profitably, yet it also costs more money and time for integrating and developing new servers and extra services. Now, the companies need a solution that creates extensible and elastic capabilities to overcome these challenges, and cloud computing also the key for this. read more...

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Electronic Magic Band

The Magic Band

RFID @ Disney

In the article “Now Disney Can Track Your Every Move with NSA-Style Wristbands” by Eliana Dockterman, she states the implementation of waterproof “Magic Bands” that Disney has adopted for experimentation at select theme parks. The bands act as your personal park entry ticket, fast pass, and hotel key card. The Magic bands use the technology of Radio Frequency Identification and if agreed by the wearer, can use personal information to track your movements within the park. Presently, the Walt Disney Corporation has only rolled out the project to Disney World Hotel Guests, and is behind schedule on its september 2013 release.
What is RIFD?

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Xamarin and Cross-Platform DeXamarinvelopment

by Mario F


In a world where mobile devices are taking over and the desktop is becoming more and more obsolete, the need to provide users with applications that can be portable across different devices becomes a necessity. Xamarin, a cross-platform software company fills this need. They essentially provide their customers with a one stop shop to convert their applications from C# to iPod, android, windows phone or essentially any other platform. This technology although its been around for a while, has been evolving rapidly as well as changing the way we develop applications. Xamarin has set itself apart from other cross-platform providers by their user friendliness and their use of native code instead of translators. read more...

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Square Space, Changing Small Business

by Eric S

In today’s society, hundreds of start up companies, small business and entrepreneurs are born every day. They have a great idea and want to share it with the world, make some money and live the “American Dream.”  But as you start a company there are many factors to think about.  The top 4 things that can make or break a startup are marketing, sales, quality products or services and a trustworthy team.  Following that is a system and a set of policies that must be created to make your business stay successful. According to SBA approximately 742,000 small businesses opened alone in the United States in 2010. read more...

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Steam In-Home Streaming

by Santiago P
PC gaming and portability do not come together easily. PC gamers always have to compromise in performance, weight, cost, or other things that makes PC gaming fun. Some people just give up portability and let their gaming PC stays in one place just so they can have good graphics and performance. Others end up getting gaming laptops which are portable but less powerful and more expensive. read more...

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The Value of Online Survey Websites

by Shaun N
The Value of Online Surveys

For a lot of companies and businesses, getting information and customer feedback is a must. Companies must be able to gather information of how society as a whole feels about a certain product or aspects of certain products to be able to release products people will buy. The old way of doing this was to send out mail surveys or surveys over the phone. The problems with these methods are that they are very costly. The cost for a small business to get 200 complete responses using mail surveys can cost anywhere between $5,000 and $7,000 and using phone surveys can cost up to $15,000. This is very unaffordable for smaller companies and major companies would prefer a more efficient way of gathering this information. This is where online surveys come in handy. Online surveys can cost as low as $0.10 a piece , varying on how long the survey is. So price of getting 200 responses from a short online survey is roughly $20, plus a monthly subscription most companies charge. read more...

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