Ch. 9: Business Intelligence Software’s Time Is Now{Comments Off on Ch. 9: Business Intelligence Software’s Time Is Now}

by Ue Y
This week’s chapter reading in chapter nine revolves around business intelligence. With companies all around the world and chains developing more and more, it is difficult for many companies and restaurants to stay on top of what is happening within their workplace and to develop future plans for it unless they have access to business intelligence. For example, in the article I read in Business Week titled “Business Intelligence Software’s Time Is Now,” the restaurant Brinker International is a huge parent restaurant to many other chains and has stores opened throughout the country and along the coasts of other countries as well. With many chains open, it is hard to keep track of how many customers walk in and out of each restaurant and what customers purchase, and etc. It is difficult to sift through all the information and find out how to keep the restaurant profitable. “Using what’s known as business intelligence software, Brinker gets a better handle on consumer spending patterns to make a host of decisions, from altering staff levels to moving around menu items.” With business intelligence software, looking beyond today and tomorrow’s decisions is a lot easier and faster, and predicting what changes need to be made are also a lot faster and convenient. With business intelligence, companies can analyze what they have done in the past and run reports to predict what things they can change and implement for the future of the company. For 2009, business intelligence is one of the top technological developments within companies.

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