Business Intelligence: Costa Logistics warehousing and distribution services{Comments Off on Business Intelligence: Costa Logistics warehousing and distribution services}

by Katie M
I read an article on a website named Logistics. This news source is based in Australia. The article I read was, “Costa Logistics is miles ahead with Manhattan Associates.” This article talked about a Company known as Costa Logistics, this company offers third party warehousing and distribution services. It specializes in temperature-controlled goods. Costa Logistics has recently seen many improvements to their business from the success of implementing a new Information System that has Business intelligence and customer service at the most important level.  When making the changes to their Information infrastructure they made sure to keep customer service as their number one goal. Costa Logistics decided that the first thing they needed was to make sure that all their warehouse locations were linked and gave accurate real time information. The other challenge they faced was making a common interface for both customers and suppliers. Costa Logistics made the improvements and have seen the success it has brought them. The changes have aloud for more accurate information that in turn supports better customer relations, and fewer errors.

This article relates to chapter nine in two ways. It talks about using Business intelligence to support a business. This is one thing that is clear that Costa logistics does. The other is Customer relationship management. Costa Logistics main reason for making these changes was to be more customer friendly and compete in the ever growing market. Costa Logistics used  Sales force automation this way they were able to track all products to ensure correct data to customers.