Small and Medium Business Embrace the Cloud

by Han C
The article I found was a survey conducted by techaisle regarding the trends of cloud applications in small and medium businesses (SMB). The survey was sponsored by Dell and discusses how to successfully select, deploy, and integrate cloud services. The survey showed that almost 70% of current cloud adopters, if given the option to start from scratch, would have preferred to purchase “best-in-class cloud applications from a single trusted IT vendor.” In addition, adequate planning would have made their transitions into cloud technology easier but the results of adopting cloud have contributed to operational efficiency and improved productivity. According to the article the average number of cloud business applications used by companies have more than doubled in the last two years and are continuing to grow due to a positive experience in tangible benefits. The number of cloud customer relationship management usage have jumped from 34% to 55% since 2010. Also, 87% of businesses stated that cloud business applications provided them a competitive advantage and 85% of businesses felt that they could now “compete with larger enterprises on equal footing.”

This article appealed to me because the topic of cloud services has been gaining momentum since its inception. We are also going to be going over more about software as a service in our class. I found the charts in the report to be very interesting because it broke up the percentages of cloud adoption by the type of industry or respective business application. For example, 55% of businesses used cloud for CRM, 54% were used in project management, 49% in business intelligence, 48% in marketing automation, 48% were used in payroll services, and 43% of companies used cloud for human resources management.

Sources: McCarthy, Jack. February. 2012. Cloud Adoption Lessons For Success.

3 thoughts on “Small and Medium Business Embrace the Cloud”

  1. It is interesting how cloud computing is affecting so many different areas of Business not just IT. It seems as though finding a cloud service provider that supports these different business function is as important as the business operation itself, since so much emphasis is placed on efficiency.

  2. It is interesting to see how cloud computing is allowing small to medium size business’ to feel like they can compete with enterprises and also feel like it gives them a competitive advantage over similarly sized companies. It makes sense that most small to medium sized business’ would use a purchased software rather than develop their own. It would cost to much man power, time and money for a small business to develop their own service.

  3. I actually just wrote an article about how Microsoft just announced price cuts to their online data storage services. This comes after similar announcements from Google and Amazon. It is evident that cloud computing services are trying to reach deeper market penetration through these new price cut announcement. I think we now will see many more small and medium size businesses convert to cloud computing setups.

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