Machine Learning: Software Industry{0}

By Haykaz T.

Machine Learning has been around for a very long time. People have used algorithms to make better sense of the data they were dealing with. This has always been a hard subject though. You need to be an expert to properly code and develop a software that can learn and interpret your data. Over the last decade we have seen an increase in machine learning software that can take big data and automatically use complex algorithms to better understand it. Machine Learning is the next big thing and many experts think that it will dominate the software industry. We are going to look at two big companies and how their Machine Learning tools will help make such a complex subject an easy one that almost anyone could pick up.

Amazon has hopped on the Machine Learning train and has developed a very simple easy to use system through Amazon Web Services. Amazon Web Services offers a variety of different tools for people and companies to use, and they have added a Machine Learning tool that will help anyone build their own Machine Learning Software. They have provided us users with the same machine learning AI that was used to create Amazon’s Alexa and Echo bots. Companies get a high scalable affordable platform they can use to create Machine Learning Models, without having to code them themselves. Amazon provides a perfect platform for users to create new software that already has Machine Learning capabilities. Amazon’s platform also gives users simple APIs and the user doesn’t have to worry about generating code or managing any infrastructure as AWS takes care of it all. Machine Learning is taking over the software industry and all the tech giants are fighting for their piece in what seems to be the next big thing. Amazon has developed this platform through their robust AWS system and their Machine Learning tool is considered one of the best in creating new software that has Machine Learning built in.

IBM is the other company that has taken Machine Learning and tried to apply it into easy to use software. They are offering their users the same technology that was used in their AI bot Watson. Like AWS IBM has created a hub for its Machine Learning APIs. IBM Bluemix is where you can find all of the different applications of their Watson Machine Learning technologies. From Language Translation to Cognitive Insights to different Analytic platforms IBM covers many different uses for Machine Learning. Companies can build robust software that has all of these Machine Learning tools built into them. The platform also allows its users to collaborate in the IBM Cloud and the Watson Machine Learning Service gives users an intuitive self-service interface where they can create software that will be robust and handle most kinds of data processes. IBM like Amazon has gone all in on their Machine Learning technologies as they too think it is the next big thing in technology. IBM Senior Vice President Bob Picciano said, “Watson Data Platform applies cognitive assistance for creating machine learning models, making it far faster to get from data to insight.” IBM provides companies with a scalable affordable platform just like Amazon and their Machine Learning technologies will continue to advance.

Machine Learning is the next big thing in technology. Software companies have taken notice to this trend and are starting to create different methods that people can use to create software that already has Machine Learning built into them. Almost all software today has some kind of Machine Learning built into them and that will only increase in the future. Companies like Amazon and IBM are looking to be at the forefront of this new wave and they have both created robust tools to help do just that. Creating an easy to use platform and making a complex subject one that everyone can benefit from.


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