Machine Learning for Human Resources and Recruitment

By Kevin C M.

In our world, there is a big demand for workers who are highly qualified and skilled in their profession. These workers also have high expectations for their employers to provide the best salaries, benefits, etc. The business world is never stopping and always progressing at a rapid pace, but HR and talent recruitment individuals have a hard time keeping up.

Now here’s the problem. Hiring individuals for the company can be a very labor and time intensive process, with most of the work done manually by HR individuals. Hours and hours are spent reviewing resumes and countless more hours for holding interviews with potential candidates. Machine Learning with a combination of Big Data are the solutions to these problems. So, what exactly is Machine Learning? TechTarget describes Machine learning as a type of Artificial Intelligence that provides computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed. Machine Learning systems search through immense amounts of data to search for patterns in data and adjust the system when appropriate. Machine Learning is already paving the way for the future HR and talent recruitment systems.

Machine Learning systems designed for HR recruitment has many benefits, it can in the long term save a company money and time on what would be labor intensive and quite costly. Human Machine systems can also remove the bias humans make when hiring prospective candidates. These systems look at data and hard facts to predict future outcomes, algorithms can be designed to find qualified professionals while eliminating human error and human biases. However there a few downsides to using Machine Learning systems. These systems can still make mistakes even if they were not intended to. For example, if a company is only looking for professionals who graduated with a degree in computer science but also want to hire a diverse group of people, the system might reject several highly-qualified female applicants. This is because the Computer Science field is just mostly male dominant, this mistake was not intentional but computer algorithms can overlook these sorts of details.

Entelo is a company that create and distributes software to help HR individuals with the recruitment process. Entelo created their product stack to integrate Machine Learning systems along with Big Data to provide recruiters and HR staff with easier and time saving solutions to aid the recruitment process. Entelo’s leading software Stack is used for inbound recruiting. Entelo Stack integrates with most ATS (Applicant Tracking System) systems and is a data analytics platform that lets you sort and categorize candidates based on parameters you specify. The anonymization features are implemented to help recruiters reduce biases by making the candidates name anonymous. Stack’s ranking system allows you to set ranking criteria such as, candidate’s skills, location, experience, and education background. Automation can be done, such as alerting recruiters when new qualified applicants have applied or automatically sending out notices to those who did not move on in the recruitment process.

Kronos’ Workforce Ready Suite is another software designed with Machine Learning principles in mind to help aid HR recruitment and talent acquisition. Kronos is an end solution meant to take care of all your HR recruitment needs. With the Workforce Ready Suite, you can store and track information about all current employees and those in the recruitment process. With the aid of Machine Learning, the Workforce Ready Suite can automatically send out documents based as appropriate and customize each for each case. The Suite also allows you to
build custom workflows which help you manage tasks and schedule and can predict if there will be any sort of conflicts based on the data gathered in the past. Best of all, The Workforce Suite takes data from current employees and prospective hires and generates reports predicting future trends. For example, what is a good average salary for an entry level job, or what sort of company perks do job applicants look for.

Machine Learning is still a field that’s being developed and there are still many details that need to be worked out. In HR, there are many benefits to using these Machine Learning systems such as increase time efficiency and reducing costs. But these systems cannot be used without some human supervision. They are merely used to aid the process.


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