Obtaining Data Faster Through Data Virtualization{1}

by Renee L
In his article “Using Data Virtualization to Get Data to Users Faster,” Ron Powell talks about the benefits of data virtualization and self-service reporting with CEO and founder of Izenda, Sanjay Bhatia. Izenda is the market leading Ad Hoc reporting software company that provides real-time dashboards and data virtualization. The company simply allows users to easily create and customize their own reports through a software. With data virtualization, Izenda allows users to connect with many data sources simultaneously, and gives them access to real-time data. With that being said, users can just look at a dashboard, use the data to make any changes, and look at the result before anyone else sees it. Also, the company consistently connects with its customers by making sure that data is compliant, corresponding to the Sarbanes-Oxley and Dodd-Frank Act. Because of the fact that data volumes are getting much bigger than they used to be, security is very important. The software provides security by defining its business rules and once new data comes in, the business rules are automatically applied. In addition, Izenda uses Microsoft SQL Server which allows users to “achieve 10 TB level databases that don’t require DBAs to optimize the database” (Powell, 2012). It also gives them the ability to create data stores without having to spend hours on setting up the databases. In addition, Izenda is “broswer-based, HTML 5, works on tables, smartphones, and iOS” (Powell, 2012). Overall, the software provides many benefits to its users and is really easy to use.

In relation to the class’s lectures, Izenda serves as a database by providing data integration and real-time data to its users. Like databases, the software can easily generate reports allowing users to get the summary of the data. And by that, they can have effective decision-making.

It is really interesting to see that the business IT companies, such as Izenda or FileMaker, are leaning towards the idea of giving their customers the ability to do more things with their business. Of course, people like it when they are given more freedom to customize and/or create whatever they want, especially when it is really easy to do so.

Source: Powell, R. P. (2012). Using data virtualization to get data users faster: a spotlight q&a with sanjay bhatia of izenda. BeyeNetwork, Retrieved from http://www.b-eye-network.com/view/15939