Percontrol Proposed to Track Students’ Attendance{2}

by Tomas R
The conference article i read was titled “Percontrol: A Pervasive System for Educational Environments.” The article is about a system proposed called Percontrol, that can be used to track students movements and record their attendance. The article explains how taking attendance in classrooms can be tedious, prone to error, and a waste of time and resources. Thus, the article says that their solution to this is Percontrol, which is a system that records a students I.P. address and log-in information to track when the student comes in to the classroom. They are proposing the use of Bluetooth to record the students location, but they also say Wi-fi is a choice. The information is then stored in a database that can be accessed by the instructor or left alone. Percontrol can also be used to remotely access electronic devices in the classroom, such as adjusting the air conditioning, or turning on a computer remotely. The article then uses a case diagram, entity-relationship model, and a logical relationship model to describe how their system will work.

This conference article relates to our class because it first talks about the use of a database to store information. The database mentioned can store and record many things, but most notably the I.P address. Also, the article uses a logical relationship model to describe how their product interacts with their server and mobile devices, which is something we have been working on in class.

I enjoyed reading this article because i felt that this would be an interesting and innovative way to tract attendance. The only downside i can see to this is, although unlikely in this day, not everyone owns a cell phone, and should not be required to to attend class. However, it does pose an interesting solution to tracking attendance, especially because it eliminates any errors that can be created by missing a students name or not seeing their hand raised.

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doi: 10.1109/ICCNC.2012.6167396