10gen and its MongoDB{Comments Off on 10gen and its MongoDB}

by Chris S

10gen MongoDB


Recently a new form of Database has been making headlines. That new database is NoSQL. Many companies are turning to this DB because of its success and its proven performance and efficiency in handling “big data”.  MongoDB is one DB that uses this new form and was created by 10gen. This open source DB has caught the eye of big time internet companies such as Craigslist and even Google. The NoSQL database is even being attempted by Oracle. There are some issues with a DB such as MongoDB. It is difficult to migrate over to the new DB since it does not use the old SQL code that assumes you’re using a relational data model and requires new code to be written to talk to the DB and since there aren’t a lot of tools for migrating to MongoDB its makes it even more difficult. Since the release of MongoDB, the company has already begun work on MongoDB 2.0, which has new useful features.


I have done several blogs on the up and coming NoSQL Database type and have noticed a positive pattern of response from the industry. Many articles have noted big time companies poking interest into the new form of database and have a noted the positive features that the database provides. I personally don’t believe that this new DB will out muscle the traditional Relational Database Model, however I do believe that many companies can benefit from this database based on its business purposes. As the DB has been released, more and more updates and new features will be added to it only making it better and more attractive. I want to learn as much as I can about SQL databases and now my interests are turning to learning what I can about NoSQL, especially since it looks like it’ll be a very popular DB, if not the standard for companies in the next few years. Who knows, this may very well be the DB that I end up working with in future career paths. I spent 45 minutes on this blog, which included looking for the articles then brainstorming on my reflection. I read through 6 classmates blog posts this week.

Kerner, Sean-Michael November 7, 2011. Taken from DatabaseJournal.com “Why Does NoSQL Matter?”