Being a DBA

by Abel R
For this week, I found an article on ProQuest titled ” Database Administrator”. This article gives you a good idea on what a database administrator does. DBA’s are responsible for storing, managing, and organizing data. As a DBA you work with software and find ways to do all this. Other tasks that must be performed are to make sure the system performs as it should and plan the system’s security measures. These measures include data integrity, backup, and security which are critical parts of the job.

I liked this article because it gives us all an insight of what a DBA does. It relates to our class because it is a career that uses what we are learning right now. A DBA’s work is complex, repetitive, time consuming, and requires significant training.



Moore, P. (2010). Database administrator. Tech Directions, 70(2), 24-25.;

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  • May 21, 2012 at 12:25 am

    I liked this post because it is informative. I always like to read about different careers in our field because I don’t know too much about many of the possibilities we have with our degrees. After finishing up this class I feel that we will have many of the fundamentals needed to do this job.

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