Data Protection Officer Required in EU business

by Robert Q
The article title “Data Protection Officer Role will be key if you operate in the EU”, explains that the EU is trying to pass a law that require private businesses to have a Data Protection Officer (DPO). The author explains that a DPO would be in charge of data protection of the private businesses and to be in compliance with any data protection laws that is set. Also the DPO would have the ability to act independent and is only require to report directly to the board of director. If private businesses doesn’t follow the new law than heavy penalties would occur including penalties of $1 million or up to 2% of a company’s global annual turnover. However this new law is only a proposed legislation and would take some time before it’s enacted.

The EU plan to introduce this new legislation is good overall because it helps both the business and the customers. Having better data protection is important and should be on every businesses mind. This new legislation would put more pressure on the business to have better data protection. I believe that this legislation is just the start and business should try and do more to better protect it data. Technology is improving is a very fast pace and business would have many options in how to better protect its data.

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