Big Data = Big Spending{3}

The article I chose for this week is titled “Big Data Drives Big IT Spending” by Kevin Fogarty. As you may have already guessed, the focus of the article is about the predicted amount of spending needed to keep up with the demands of big data. According to a Gartner study, half of all IT resources well be spent in order to update or create complex infrastructures. The report predicts that worldwide IT spending will total up to $28 billion in 2012 and up to $34 billion in 2013. This spending will cover the adding of more storage, new databases, and new servers. The article also talks about a different study that comes from IBM and the University of Oxford. Their reports are that much of current IT spending is focused on obtaining and analyzing data from a variety of sources. Both studies ultimately come to the same conclusion, that big data requires big spending.


Making sure that your infrastructures are up to date is definitely an important task for all businesses. This process involves looking at your current structure and deciding whether or not a change has to be made. This is related to the topic which we went over last week. Much the money being spent on big data will probably be used to update database structures. The relationships of the large of amount of entities these businesses possess will constantly have to be updated as they gather and analyze more and more data.


I enjoyed reading this article about the study. It helps bring to light how important big data is to organizations. This article, as well as the other posts I’ve made about IBM, show that businesses are willing to invest a ton of money in making sure they have an updated infrastructure for their database model.


Kevin Fogarty. (2012). Big Data Drives Big IT Spending. Available: Last accessed October 21, 2012.