The logic of DBMS And RDMS

by Garcello D
This week’s article I have decided to blog about is called “What Makes a Database Management System Relational”. This is an old article written in winter of 1995 by Steven Bare as an Info tech update. This week in class we have learned about Logical Database design and the Relational Model, but we didn’t exactly go over what database management and relational database management systems are, therefore I will enlighten you. A database management system is a system which helps users organize and extract information by providing a structure for the data and the tools which help the user use that data. A Relationship Database management system is a database management system but it follows a set of non-arbitrary rules which were created by its founder E. F. Codd. Relational theory is the core of this system as it allows flexibility, usefulness and power to the user.

The article starts off by listing three well known uses of database management systems which are “Using a database management system, an auditor organizes and analyzes loan information as he audits a bankrupt savings and loan, A manufacturer uses a database system to track suppliers, delivery times, and costs for raw materials, At your local library, the librarians use a database management system to manage the library’s inventory – books”. The author then uses well placed examples to point out how the logic works, how we can determine data from other data. Then he explains relational databases but he does it in a real simple easy to learn way that doesn’t make it seem overwhelming or tedious. Furthermore the author expands on the relations by using operators. He then concludes the article by talking a little about vendor databases and how they have great benefits but also how vendors usually fail to implement the fundamentals in several ways.

I decided to blog about this article because unlike some of my past articles that were difficult to grasp and read, this one was a lot easier and understandable. The article related to what we learned in class today because it talked about the relational database management system. Although we didn’t specifically learn about that in class, we did get introduced to the relational model and therefore thought it was a decent fit. I thought it was a good read and learned a little thing or two about management systems.


Bare, Steven W, (1995). What Makes A Database Management System Relational? Infotech Update 4.2. Retrieved from:



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  • October 22, 2012 at 9:37 am

    It is interesting that database management is also something business use behind the use of database model to collect, analyze, and manage information from data. Although this article is a little outdated, it is still relevant because organizations still use database management.

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