15 Tips for Cloud Storage{5}

by Tomas R
The article i read, titled “Top 15 Cloud Storage Tips and Tasks,” is a list of several different ways to use the cloud system and how one can benefit from it. The article lists many different uses for cloud storage and how to do them, such as the best ways to sync music through the cloud system, the way to upload your entire “My Documents” folder into the cloud, how to access a PC remotely through the cloud, and how to merge multiple servers into your cloud network. The article listed many interesting tips and tidbits, such as using the program “Spideroak” to encrypt your files in the cloud. Other tips include not to rely on the cloud to stream your videos, and how “Dropbox” saves a snapshot of every document used or seen in the last 30 days, allowing you to go back and see one if you delete or misplace it. The article also shows ways to send downloads directly from a website to your cloud storage, as well as attaching email documents into the cloud storage.

This article relates to our class because we talked about storage of data in databases, and the cloud storage system is a new and impressive way to store your information. The great thing about the cloud is that it can be accessed from almost any computer or phone, making it one of the best ways to store information.

I enjoyed reading this article because it showed me some tips and some programs I did not know about that could make my cloud experience easier. My favorite tip is that you can send your whole “My Documents” folder to the cloud, because I did not even think of doing this. After i moved the folder, it made it easy to access any work I have done from any of my computers. I also enjoyed reading about “Todo.txt plus,” which allows me to sync my To-do list right into my cloud system.

Source: Paul, Ian. (2012, May 6). Top 15 Cloud Storage Tips and Tasks. PC World. Retrieved from http://www.pcworld.com/article/255072/top_15_cloud_storage_tips_and_tasks.html#tk.hp_new