2012: The Rise of Microsoft SQL Server 2012{1}

by Ermie C
This article is about how Microsoft is now creating a new version of Microsoft SQL Server.  This version has to deal with a lot of the same features, but with some new features attached to it.  The new product is set to be presented to the public on March 7th and there will be will two different versions of the product given.  First there is the Business Intelligence version and then there is also, the standard version.  However, this March 7th release would be kind of criticized as a publicity stunt to present an incomplete product.  There are some critics that say that Microsoft is only doing this because they want to get something out there.  To me, it feels like it’s going to be the Vista of SQL Servers.  We all know how that turned out.  Also, they said that with the new features it would be very hard to implement.  So the best way to implement the new features would be already incorporating it with the already used database in a person’s business.  To sum it up, critics say to use it with other database tools and pic and choose the features they would like to use.

I thought this article is very interesting because I am not a big fan of Microsoft SQL Server.  It’s simple to use but can get very complicated with it’s interface.  That’s just my opinion.  Hopefully with the new features Microsoft can make it easier for data input and reduce lag time.  Although, on the business side, it’s very helpful because Microsoft after four years have finally updated SQL Server.  With the upcoming new database tools from Oracle, Google, and the creators from Joomla, it’s very amazing  that competition is heating up.  I can’t wait how this race turns out.

This is incorporated to our class because for the future students, the professors are going to have to teach this new version and it’s new features.  Hopefully things will be a little different than from the 2005 and 2008 versions.   Right now, we are using 2008 and there are some flaws on how it flows, but all in all it gives us a great idea of what database administrators have to deal with.

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