SQL Anywhere used by The Open University{Comments Off on SQL Anywhere used by The Open University}

by Alexander V

The article was about how The Open University, “the world’s largest university dedicated to supported distance learning,” purchased 6,500 licenses of SQL Anywhere from iAnywhere for one of its courses on Relational Databases. Their reason for choosing SQL Anywhere is that it offers high performance with low maintainance. The software “provides enterprise database features” such as “high performance and referntial integrity” in a small install. In addition to that, the software works straight out of the box, allowing users to easily start on projects. SQL is able to run on multiple platforms such as Windows, Linux, and Unix. It also synchronizes easily with enterprise databases from Oracle, Microsoft, and IBM, providing students with knowledge of the intricacies of databases and how they operate. Some organizations that use SQL Anywhere database include Thomson Fly, Reed Elsevier and Wyeth Pharmaceuticals.


I don’t know much about databases and database software so I cannot comment on that. The Open University’s choice of SQL Anywhere for one of its courses doesn’t seem all that important to me. However, it must be a huge accomplishment for iAnywhere to have its software being used by the largest university dedicated to distance learning. I think that SQL Anywhere being used by the Open University allows for iAnywhere  to possibly increase the use of its software and or advertise in many different countries. The software package sounds very efficient to me; it provides a myriad of functions while taking up only a little disk space.

The article emphasizes the usefulness of the software while mentioning little in regards to the institution that will be using it. Even though the software may be the best there is, it is only good if a person knows how to use it. I think that some more information in regards to how the software meshes with the course dynamics would have been  more informative.


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