by Monica G
Sex Offender Profile: Non-Sexual Crime Committed


According to the article, in many states, including Georgia, any person who is convicted of kidnapping or falsely imprisoning a minor, must register as a sex offender, even if no sex crime was actually committed. Once the convict is realized there face is forever plastered on the sex offender database, which is made public to the world. Therefore they cannot live within a certain distance of schools, cannot work with kids and sometimes may be banned from certain social networks. This is exactly what has happened to defense attorney, Ann Marie Fitz client. He was charged for false imprisonment of a minor during a drug deal, and is now in the sex offender database. He has appealed claiming this type of labeling is cruel and unusual punishment however Georgia Supreme Court does not agree.


A database for all sex offenders is a great idea; one that I’m sure has saved many lives. For the public to be able to see how close they live to a registered sex offender is reassuring. This type of database relates to E-R modeling because that is exactly how the crime database came to be. The entities are selected (e.g. convicts, the crime) and their relationships, along with the attributes (name, address, age, etc.) of the entity (the convicted felon). I must mention that the relationship between the felon could be the crime if we are referring to a large crime database, like the ones used by authorities.

The interesting aspect of the article was non-sex offenders being listed on sex offender databases. How can someone be labeled sex offender if a sex crime was never committed? There is no need for something like this especially knowing the consequences of being categorized as a sex offender.  People have filed complaints about being harassed and attacked by other neighbors because they were listed in the database.


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