The battle of Flash 11 and WebGL.{Comments Off on The battle of Flash 11 and WebGL.}

by George A

(Logo for Flash retrieved from Adobe's website. Logo for WebGL retrieved from WebGL's website). Retrieved on October 30th, 2011 from: and

Adobe recently announced in this article that they are working on Flash Player 11. As of October 6th it was released. This release will include rendering of 3D graphics which is a significant update from Flash Player 10. Also announced was Adobe Air 3. Adobe has lost some of its former foothold in the video playing area of the internet. HTML5 and Apple are both a cause. Adobe clearly isn’t trying to reclaim that space on the internet but is now attempting to compete somewhere else. The Stage 3D rendering that Adobe is using is a low level API for rendering 2D and 3D graphics. According to Adobe browsers will be able to run console quality games. Google’s WebGL now has something to compete with. Flash 11 will have 64bit capability also.

I find it very interesting that Adobe has more or less given up on really attempting to battle it out with HTML5. I think that taking their focus away from battling out for video space may be a mistake for them. A lot of people are against Adobe because it requires a plugin and it developed by a company that generates a profit and has business interests. Apple of course has never been a fan of Adobe because they are not an objective organization in the web world. YouTube has been undergoing a trial with HTML5 and anyone can see that is doesn’t work quite as well as the Flash Player versions of the same videos. It just may not be there yet but it is inevitable that YouTube will switch over to HTML5. Adobe just seems to have given up and it’s most likely because they know that can’t win in that space by competing with an almost cemented web standard.

As a result Adobe is going in another direction and adding 3D functionality. This could potentially be very competitive considering that Flash games are very popular on the web. This is not something that HTML5 can really take away from Adobe. Developers will be able to code fully 3D games and have users play them anywhere on their own hardware.  This seems to be a good idea although I don’t think Adobe should let go of the video space as a business strategy. It may be better for everyone though that they will be become less popular in the space due to the fact they relying on them can give them more power of the industry and create restrictions at their will. They will have to deal with Google’s WebGL in order to be successful. It is a really big downside for Adobe that Flash Player 11 needs a plugin while WebGL does not.


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