US should embrace the cloud!{1}

by Stephen O

Imagine in a couple years that cloud computing was twice as big as it was now. There were government standards when it came to cloud privacy and because we had embraced cloud-computing America was the clear leader in cloud computing. We could have that , if  The United States Government and the Industry would work towards spreading cloud computing. The TechAmerica Foundation makes the point if the Industry and the US Government worked together we could all benefit from. The U.S. Government needs to make the first step though.  “The U.S. government can help grow the nation’s cloud computing market by assisting private companies in the development of cloud security standards and by encouraging cloud providers to allow data portability among them, a new tech industry report recommended. The U.S. government can also “lead by example” by stepping up its use of cloud-based services and by revamping its procurement and budget processes to encourage agencies to buy cloud services” (Gross, 2011)


Cloud Computing is the future, it offers solutions for people looking for processing power and storage alike. It is for small companies looking to outsource processing, and storage for large companies. It is available to the average user it is a burgeoning field that is rapidly growing with everyone from apple to Amazon tossing their hat into the ring.

Though at some point the U.S. Government is going have to get involved to regulate, but they have a chance at the same time to push the new industry forward, if they choose to “lead by example” and embrace cloud –computing and for security standards that allow for growth we can be world leaders when it comes to cloud computing technology. Thoughts?

Gross, G. (2011, July 26). Group: US Govt’ Can Help Encourage Cloud Adoption. Retrieved October 29, 2011, from PCWorld: