The EU sees you{Comments Off on The EU sees you}

by Caezar M

The european union is trying to monitor and better enforce alleged copyright infringments. a proposed database that would keep personal information about alleged copyright infringers for a currently undisclosed amount of time. this has led to scrutiny by groups who disagree with the notion of saving personal information about users that the EU cannot properly prove are indeed infringing copyrights. there is a push for the EU to put rules in place for duration of time that information will be stored, and disclose who will have access, who will manage it and more importantly, the infringers should be informed about which bodies are holding their information and why. this is a recent push by the EDPS to better regulate data being witheld by governing bodies.


it seems that recently the internet has been going through government regulation stage of its existance. there have been bills that i have heard about recently that would give the government extensive power over the internet being able to block websites at will. similarly if a website posts copyrighted material the government could potentially have the power to shut down the site if it did not agree to remove the material. so imagine youtube, someone posted a funny clip form tv, and youtube failed to remove it, the government could turn off youtube. so the EU’s decision to try and monitor users violating copyrights doesn’t seem out of the ordinary i just hope they can find a way to regulate it so that the information does not get out and it gets recycled properly in a timely manner.


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