3 Things about Data Modeling{1}

by Eric H

In this article it pointed out that data modeling is highly technical so most people might not be in interested in learning more about data modeling, but it is a powerful tool to have when handling and dealing with database (Loraine Lawson, 2012). There are few important tips and facts about data modeling. First is keep data modeling and data separately from application development projects, because data modeling is about capturing and processing data for current and future business needs, and application development is about creating a application to solve a current problem as soon as possible (Loraine Lawson, 2012). Another benefit of data modeling is the fact that it allows us to document the data, as it exists in different systems, the users then can compare the differences and remove the duplicates, And making it easy for different systems and software to share these information so data modeling is worth the money and time (Loraine Lawson, 2012). Lastly is that even though data model can never be complete, but users can use the data model as data modelers are working on it (Loraine Lawson, 2012).


This article was meant for the managers and people that are in charge of the organization, but I too find this article useful for me as well. I learned the importance of data modeling for current and future needs of an organizational. Data modeling can also save money in the long run, because it lowers the chance of duplicate data, and it makes it so sharing data easier.

Loraine Lawson. (2012, 01 09). Itbusinessedge. Retrieved from Three Things the Data Team Wishes You Knew About Data Modeling