Benchmark Factory Tool{Comments Off on Benchmark Factory Tool}

by Mike Y

            Quest Software released a testing tool called Benchmark Factory for databases. It was made to be an alternative to Oracle Real Application Testing. In addition to the “scalability and industry-standard capabilities, users can more easily capture production workload and replay it in a testing environment.” Benchmark Factory allows more flexibility to customize options by database administrators. The software is supposed to cut down on changes needed by databases by getting the right configuration by using Benchmark Factory.

            It is related to this week’s topics because the software allows the hardware to run with the best configurations. It finds the best configurations by comparing it to industry benchmarks. Obviously, if it is worse than the industry standard, something needs to be improved. What needs to be changed can be determined by Benchmark Factory instead of having database administrators “perform overly complex, manual, or expensive processes.” Because it is a simplified and “wizard” software, it will be easy to adopt and take a short time.

            It is relevant to the industry because it is about operating costs. Companies are always looking to lower costs and with usage of databases increasing, more optimizing software like Benchmark Factory will be used. Not only is it increasing efficiency, it reduces the time to get the right setup for that particular company with their individual configurations. It can also test scalability of the database which is an important factor to consider because it can save costs in the future by not over or under spending on hardware.

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