Database Hacked{1}

by Andrew J
There are more than 1.5 million users that read articles posted by Gawker. Of those 1.5 million users, many of them use the same usernames and passwords that they have for many other websites. Those other websites may have their personal information and credit card information. In December 2010, the Gawker databases that held these personal information was hacked.

This attack should come as a very serious warning call to all databases. The release of these personal information not only looks bad for the victim company, but also could be the start of very serious lawsuits. as cyber attacks are becoming more and more prevalent, these companies should be looking to beef up their database security systems even more. Those individuals that have personal information held in many different websites should change their passwords often. Everyone must protect their personal data more carefully now. You never know when or who will be target next. At any moment your personal information could be leaked for all the world to see.


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