Data Recovery Services

by Daniel M
The article that i read was about data recovery and how safe it really is. The article talks about how 85% of large companies use third party companies for data recovery services and how 39% of them have used the service within the last week of when the article was written. The article then goes on to talk about how 87% of the same companies have experienced a data breach within the last 2 years and 21% of those data breaches were when the hard drive was in the hands of the third party data recovery service. This is a scary fact because companies are trusting their confidential data to another company in order to recover their data and while these third party companies have their hard drives data is being stolen. The article then goes on to talk about how what if you use a cloud service to back up your data and the cloud service has a server crash. Now this company has to pay a third party company to recover their data which includes your data. Do you trust the company that they chose? and what happens if you don’t, you can’t get you r data back?

I found this article interesting because it is something that i had never really thought about. I use a cloud service to back up all of my computers at home. What happens if their server goes down? who are they going to use to recover the data? What i also am curious about is would they contact me to tell me that their data has been breached? I think this is something that we all need to be aware of in the IT industry. we all need to be cautious of who we trust our data to. This is also why i think that onsite and offsite storage is a good idea. For the most part you can recover any of your data from an onsite storage system unless that system has a failure and in that case you have no choice but to trust a data recovery service.


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  1. I had never really thought about data recovery in this much detail before but this article you wrote about brings up some good points about backing up data through 3rd party companies. As for data being backed up over a cloud service I personally don't feel comfortable doing that. There are still security issues that have yet been perfected in trying to make a cloud service secure. I also wonder if there ever will be a time when a cloud service will ever be secure because it is so convenient storing things in the cloud. But I think the most safest thing any company can do is backing up there own data at an offsite location so at least they are in control, but of course something like this will cost money.

  2. I agree with Antonio. I definitely never though about data recovery. I also use a cloud service to store my documents and files and I never really thought about what would happen if their service went down. I guess I always hope that that would never happen, but as we all know, things can happen. Definitely a real eye opener. Thanks for the article.

  3. This is interesting article. I agree that it is not secure that data hand in the third party for recovery service. Thank you for posting this article.

  4. Very interesting article! I knew there are many companies out there that specialized in data recovery, and the only time I never though about using such server was one of my harddrive crashed and that harddrive had all my homework on it. I tried getting a quote from one of the company, and it was about $400 for the service, I decided that my data is not worth the $400. But I see how big companies' data are valuable and its worth the cost of data recovery, but the risk of getting the data stolen is something to consider for these. I wish there were be some kind of regulation or other laws that can give jail time or huge fine for such crime.

  5. Stats! The magical persuader. And in this case, it is alarmingly helpful. Many popular articles (my own included) have highlighted how malicious organizations are assaulting web services across the board – and yet we have disregarded the far more obvious and dangerous threat.

    It's funny how password protection awareness has escalated so much in recent years, and yet we still have people using "1234" or clicking on links that look anything but legit. As this article points out, entrusting a 3rd party with various forms/levels of data unfortunately comes very naturally to people. In addition to the "here today, gone tomorrow" scams, I'm sure there are also LEGITIMATE participating organizations that are doing not-so-ethical things with the customer data they are given.

    Although it might seem silly upon retrospect, it's articles (and responses) like these that save us from our own overly generous and trusting nature.

    It also keeps us safe from all of the bad people that live in the interwebz.

  6. This is really an eye-opener. Would someone really entrust their data to a company who then entrusts that data to a third party? People need to be careful with who they trust with particular information. This was a good article in that it shows people that sometimes, the information that you think is safe isn't really safe. Great article Daniel.

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