Database as a Service{3}

by Eric H
This article talks about Database as a Service (DbaaS). Software as a service (SaaS) has become a popular trend in recent year; Saas shifts the cost of hardware and software initial cost and maintenance from the customer to the vendor. Saas is also for the vendors because it allows them to focus on development and maintenance on a sign platform. Database as a service is actually a part of the Software as a service idea.  Author listed out the requirements for a service to considered database as a service, it must be available on-demand and without any installation and configuration, pay as used basic with no long term contract. All maintenance is done by vendor, customers does not take part in maintenance (Bobrowski, 2008).

I find this article to be interesting, it talked about Software as a service, and this is something I keep hearing and reading about on TV and on many of those tech websites. Company like Microsoft is trying to turn many of their products from Retail off the shelf product to a pay-as-use model. I personally would like this type of software distribution to become main stream. The convenience would be that there are no more installations for software, I can just go on any pc/mac and I can log in and start using it. Database as a service is a part of the Software as a service idea, I think DbaaS is a great idea, especially for smaller business that want to use a true database instead of software like Excel, they do not have to pay for deployment cost, and the extra cost of maintenance.  It relates to this class is that it’s database, but it’s just different way in distributing or setting up a database. If DbaaS gets adopted by businesses, those students that wants to get in to database as a career should also start thinking about cloud also.


Bobrowski, S. (2008, May 19). What exactly is database as a service? [Web log message]. Retrieved from