Data Theft

by Daniel M
The article that i read was about how the largest threat to data is through thumb drives. the article talks about how in the last 2 years 37% of the companies that were polled had lost data from the loss or theft of USB devices. 91% of the companies that were polled allow their employees to use USB devices to store data on their networks. The article talks about how 81% of the companies require the data to be encrypted but at least two thirds of them do not follow through with checking to make sure that their employees are actually encrypting their data. The statistics show that more than 50% of employees take confidential data out of their work with portable devices everyday and 75% of companies have reported data loss from negligence of their employees. The article talks about how companies should be auditing the data that is being uploaded onto these devices to make sure that they are being encrypted.

I found this article interesting because it talks about how the largest threat to data theft if due to carelessness on the employees side. I always thought that the biggest threat to data theft was from hackers breaking into the companies systems and stealing the data. This goes to show us as students that we need to make sure that we are doing everything we can to make sure that we are securing all of our data. I think that as students if we get in the habit of encrypting data then this sis something that we will never have to worry about. I think that the loss of data because an employee is being careless is something that should not be tolerated and is something that we can prevent by forming good habits.


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5 thoughts on “Data Theft”

  1. This was really interesting. It doesn't surprise me though that employee's do not take the time to encrypt their data. They are at fault but employers are also at fault because they do not follow through. If employers could enforce their policies then the statistical rates should go down.

  2. Wow, this actually opened my eyes to the fact that hackers aren't the main cause of companies losing sensitive data about their databases. It's actually pretty hilarious to think that the biggest reason that businesses lose important data is due to the fact that fred left his thumb drive at Starbucks on accident.

  3. This was interesting. Now i realize how many thumb drives i had and don’t remember where i placed them. I also agree that most employees don’t encrypted their data nor is there a policy that aims to enforces it in my experience.

  4. Good Article. I remember seeing a statistic somewhere that showed that most data breaches are usually due to employee/company error or carelessness. This article fits well with that statistic and is something that we should all keep in mind later when we enter the workforce. I don't think any of us want to be that person who jeopardizes our company.

  5. I guess the reason why data is not encrypted because the use of flash drive is supposed to be for portability so people often don’t really think about it from the security aspect. Maybe it would help if there is a technology that cause data to be automatically encrypted right from the flash drive instead of doing it manually.

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