A New Approach to Analyzing Big Data

by Leonardo S
The article I chose this week is titled “Trifacta Aims to Make Big Data Useful, Lands $4.3 Million From Accel Partners” by Arik Hesseldahl. The focus of the article is based around a new company called Trifacta. The company was recently started by Joe Hellerstein, a computer science professor at UC Berkeley, and Jeffrey Heer, a professor at Stanford. Their goal is to find a way to make big data analysis much easier and more accessible. They have already gotten over $4.3 million in investments from firms such as Accel Partners and X/Seed Capital. The idea that you can take a large amount of data and put it through a guided process is something is widely appealing to the whole industry.

One thing we learned in class was the difference between data and information. As mentioned by the article, turning data into information is one of most difficult, time consuming, and important things to do in an organization. I’m sure that as we speak, there are companies which have petabytes of raw data waiting to be refined into something useful. This processes is usually very costly and time consuming. The technology created by Trifacta is aiming to reduce the effort needed and will clearly be something that many companies will want to get their hands on.

I enjoyed reading this article because it talked about the beginning of a possible solution to one of the industries biggest problems. I believe that a solution like that of Trifacta’s approach will be needed due to the lowering cost of data storage. Companies will be collecting and storing more and more data and will be in need of a way to analyze it. I will definitely be looking forward to hearing how well the company does in the future.

Arik Hesseldahl. (2012). Trifacta Aims to Make Big Data Useful, Lands $4.3 Million From Accel Partners. Available: http://allthingsd.com/20121004/trifacta-aims-to-make-big-data-useful-lands-4-3-million-from-accel-partners/. Last accessed October 7, 2012.

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  • October 7, 2012 at 8:53 pm

    Your Topic was very interesting. I am curious to see how well Trifacta will do in the future, especially with all those other companies backing it up. This article goes well with my blog from last week titled Tackling Data, it appears as if they are doing just that. Sadly though it appears your link is not working, i’d like to give the article a read first hand.

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