A New Look on Displaying Stock Data{1}

by Alexander H
Interpreting the information that is relayed on the stock market can be a daunting task for any user. A screen full of numbers and arrows may be difficult for many to extract the information they need quickly. However, the StockTouch app is aiming to change the way stock data is visualized by streamlining the most important elements of the stock markets into one interface that almost any user can utilize efficiently. An article by Allisa Skelton provides a solid overview of the features this program and how easy it is to navigate. As described, the app covers “nearly 75% of all global trading activity” and displays 50,000 tiles that are organized into “colorful squares”. The green colored tiles represent stocks that are gaining in value while red tiles convey losses. In addition, the user can tap on certain stock regions, and then tap on a specific stock to show a “statical graph, information on the stock, and links to news articles about the stock”. The experience is so streamlined that the company claims that “StockTouch tells you more in five seconds than you would learn reading financial news today.
In relation to the subject of database, Chapter 1 illuminates the importance of utilizing information in such a way that it is beneficial to users and managers. When most users access stock information, they are bombarded with a stock ticker slowly spitting out numbers and scrolling across the screen. Being a more visual person, it becomes intimidating to see various streams of numbers and information that is irrelevant to me. This application seeks to generate a new way of visualizing stock information so that it is more applicable to users. The main idea behind this application is to allow users to access relevant information quickly and obtain a snapshot of the stock market just as fast. In this modern day, users live a fast paced lifestyle and want to be able to obtain the information they need swiftly and can therefore utilize this app to keep track of their investments and trading activities.
By providing multiple graphical displays, the user can perceive various levels of the stock market in an easy to use interface. Therefore, decisions can be more readily made and the stock market climate can be easily gauged. Any experienced stock trader can vouch the importance of being able to view the stock market quickly and utilize the right timing in order to gain maximum stock value. This method of graphically representing stocks is streamlined to maximize stock decisions and provide all the tools a trader needs to make educated decisions. StockTouch’s innovation enlightens that data historically presented in usual manners can still be altered and enhanced in new ways that can actually raise the bar on understanding and perception of information.



Skelton, Alissa. (2012, APRIL 06). Heat map displays 75% of global stock market on app interface . Retrieved from http://mashable.com/2012/04/06/stocktouch/. Retrieved on April 4, 2012.