A New Teaching Approach for Database Application Development

by Garcello D
The article I decided to week’s blog about is titled “Centralized Project-Based teaching Approach in Database Application Development Training”, which was written by Gaoyan Zang on June 29 2010-July 1 2010. So based on the title the article is about a new teaching approach which has been proven by fact to stimulate the enthusiasm of students, improve learning efficiency, and to make performance evaluation more efficient and fair. The intro of the article basically explains how the information technology field is growing and how due to the fact that it’s growing we need fresh new talent to innovate in it. The problem is that this fresh new talent can come from fresh graduated students but the problem with that is that the companies do not hire fresh new students because they require real project experience. This teaching method is different from your average lecture or laboratory courses, it requires the students to complete a task in a certain amount of time without the distractions from any other courses, they have a specific goal they should meet and thus they are achieving targets by meeting those goals. The students will experience something very similar to future real work situations where they will be assigned a project task and will have to analyze the need, outline design and detailed design, to code, to test, to implement, and to do maintenance and so on. Although in the real world the distribution of these jobs would be more specific, the author beliefs it is best for the students to experience the entire package.

The course contains content like: the step method and content to research and determine the database application system requirements, using the modeling tool to generate a conceptual and physical model, the target system analysis, design and to generate summary and detailed design report, mastering the standard method of database design, application system design and development specifications, and students will gain the ability to implement application systems including system deployment, commissioning and maintenance. The teachers would basically take the role of an organizer; they are to give clear descriptions to the students and for the most part are to guide the students towards their success. Like I stated before by the students focusing on a period of time to complete the project they complete all the aspects of the practice of the development process so that they have a complete understanding of how it works. The students will also be able to focus on good teaching practices and is meant to improve learning efficiency and encoding quality so they can better adapt to social needs.


I thought this Article was interesting and related to class in the sense of database application development. I learned  something new about this teaching method but i can only assume that it would be directed to students beyond our beginner level database class.

Zhang Gaoyan  (June 29, 2010)  “Centralized Project-Based teaching Approach in Database Application Development Training”

Retrieved from : http://0-ieeexplore.ieee.org.opac.library.csupomona.edu/stamp/stamp.jsp?tp=&arnumber=5578342&tag=1

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  • November 18, 2012 at 10:53 pm

    I would personally love it if our curriculum included some type of project that would could put on our resume’s as experience. Who do we need to send this article too to get it implemented? =)

    Then again, perhaps that’s what our senior project is supposed to be. Hard to say since I haven’t taken it yet…

    Nice article.

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