A Professional Look at Cloud Computing Security

by Jennifer R

The authors start the article with a brief overview of the advantages of cloud computing, mentioning flexibility and scalability among other things. They acknowledge that cloud computing has potential, but comes with significant disadvantages that need to be addressed. One of the main issues is security. They conducted a survey to determine how businesses and information technology professionals felt about aspects of cloud computing security and what their top concerns were. They covered a range of topics, from what organizations would not want to put on the cloud to concerns of both users and information technology professionals. As is common with information stored on a network, a majority of the concerns involved regulating user access and protecting information from unexpected loss or attacks.

I found this article interesting in that it takes a look at cloud computing from the point of people who have a working knowledge of how the system works. It provides insight into how businesses look at cloud computing and weigh the pros and cons. Those of us who are CIS majors may come across such questions in the future, as companies may decide they want their databases to be situated in the cloud. However, it seems as long as we are dealing with information being stored or sent on a network, there will always be issues dealing with security.

I can understand why businesses would be reluctant to have private or confidential information such as addresses and social security numbers stored in a place that is vulnerability to hacking attempts or loss of information due to a server crash. I remember receiving a notice once from a company stating someone had hacked into the server where customer account information was being stored. I had an online account with them, so I promptly changed my password. I was disgruntled to find out part of the reason the server had been susceptible to the attack was that the information had been stored on an older, not so protected, server. Customers expect companies at least  take the proper precautions with any information given. There is the potential for what I experienced to occur should a company store its information on the cloud.


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  • April 1, 2012 at 12:50 pm

    It seems there are certain things that professionals would want on a cloud while other probably more important things are kept off for the time being until the topic of security is looked at more. However like you mentioned, there will always be security risks as long as information is stored on a network.

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