A Service Cloud Database

by Ming X
In the article, the author talks about a  cloud database-as-a-service technology developed by Xeround that leverages the open source MySQL database. Xeround’s service can be described as a scale-out MySQL platform which enables organizations to cost-effectively solve database capacity issues that result from increased traffic and transaction volumes. Xeround CEO Razi Sharir said “Within the next few quarters you will see more and more Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) providers delivering our database as the database of choice,” And Xeround will be the core back-end database for the majority of PaaS offerings. Xeround’s service is based on a pay-per-use model, but lacks support with data warehousing and business intelligence. Xeround database is a distributed structure, which means if a user wants to do a full table scan from multiple sources it will take a long time. The Oracle and VMware both enter the market, which expanded the database-as-a-service and increase the competition.

Xeround is a company providing a cloud database SaaS that is fully compatible with MySQL and is stored on Xeround’s servers on Amazon EC2 and RackSpace. The Xeround Cloud Database API is a SOAP or REST API that allows developers to build their own cloud database management software/application or integrate their cloud management into existing applications. The Xeround API is only available to registered users of the Xeround’s cloud database service. Xeround offers Xeround FREE, a free, lifetime subscription to its MySQL database as a service limited offering. The database is allowed only five connections, and it’s managing up to 10 MB databases. The company also offers two other paid products Xeroud BASIC and Xeround PRO. Customers can choose an idoneous service based on their needs.

It’s very smart to design a database service like this. It’s a clever and attractive approach which may draw MySQL users to a cloud-based service offering. Because it’s a scale-out MySQL, it’s easily and cost-effectively add capacity, which can reduce hardware and software costs; improves response time, availability and scalability; it also increases flexibility. Xeround’s service offerings certainly desire consideration as they just might be a wonderful way for an organization to move smoothly from an on-premise database implementation to an of-premise, cloud-based environment.



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  • October 21, 2012 at 10:17 pm

    Good article. This would be very helpful and cost effective for a company I think. If a company starts storing data on the cloud they no longer will have to employ technicians who maintain and build these databases. Also, they do not have to pay for the hardware or electrical bill that comes with all of this infrastructure.

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