A Walk in the Clouds

by James C

Cloud computing has replaced grid computing. The computing paradigm has become an IT resource. The idea of cloud computing has been referred to by many as different concepts. One user characterizes cloud computing as a reservoir of virtualized pc resources. Along with virtualization it also complements grid environments by managing its resources. Another critic describes cloud applications as feeling like desktop programs. Yet another user defines cloud computing as a database of web parts used to construct applications dynamically. Overall cloud computing is not thought of as a new paradigm due to its all-in-one use of current technologies like centralized datacenters, service-oriented software and virtualized computing. The rest of the article goes into explaining further reasons why cloud computing and grid computing are not the same paradigms. It also touches on cloud infrastructures, platforms and applications.


I believe that cloud computing is the next big innovation to web computing since Google’s search engine. Before reading this article I was oblivious to the know-how of cloud computing and its features. I feel that cloud computing is still in its infancy stage and has the capabilities to become more than it is now.

I hope to utilize cloud computing in the future when it becomes more main stream. On top of all the advances in web computing using cloud computing might be an easier application to grasp since most of the technologies used are already existing concepts.


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2 thoughts on “A Walk in the Clouds”

  1. While cloud computing is a great new technology, one must consider the pros and cons. For example, there are privacy issues with cloud computing since the majority of your information will be on databases in “the cloud” where the you do not have access. Personal data has a higher probability of being compromised if the information is in the cloud.

  2. I think you’re right in the sense that cloud computing is in its infancy stage. There are so many security issues that most smaller companies dont take into consideration. But if you’re trying to stay compliant to SOX and other regulations, then cloud computing shouldn’t be utilized quite yet.

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