Adobe Fireworks Caters to Large Design{2}

Adobe Fireworks is a tool for screen designers that utilize organization for both small and large scale file organization.  One of the things that Fireworks does differently from other programs is in its design process.  It saves images in the PNG file format, which gives screen designers many options for flexibility and also minimizes storage space.  Fireworks is a program that differs from Photoshop in that it offers its users the ability to create multiple pages at a time.  This gives way for layering and allows screen designers to be more efficient with their work.  Although Fireworks is not perfect and has some flaws, the benefits of Fireworks far outweighs the disadvantages when compared with Photoshop.

I thought that this was relatable to what we learned in class because it explored the area of the design process of a specific company.  Adobe has many programs that it supports, and there are many key differences within these programs.  Of these, Photoshop and Fireworks are just two similar screen design programs that cater to the different needs of its consumers.  There are many different things to consider for screen designers and the Fireworks program tries to approach and fix any problems that may arise.

I thought that one of the important key aspects of Fireworks is how they store their files.  Fireworks saves all its files as PNG file format, which minimizes storage space, and this is greatly beneficial in large scale projects where space is of the essence.  As someone who has always used Photoshop, I thought it was very interesting to read this article on how Fireworks differed from Photoshop.  There are many different aspects of Fireworks that allows its users to do things that they normally cannot do using Photoshop.  This article was interesting and taught important key points that I did not know beforehand.

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