Adobe’s New Creative Cloud Service

by Renee L
In his article “Adobe Delivers Creative Cloud and Muse for Easy Website Creation,” Daniel Robinson talks about Adobe’s new Creative Cloud service, along with the Muse tool. The Creative Cloud is used to view, access, and share creative files from any internet-connected device. It also provides storage and sharing of information within desktops, mobile devices, and the cloud. In addition, the Creative Cloud consists of a Muse tool that allows users to create and design their own websites without having to deal with any codes. The Muse tool is said to help users focus on designing their websites rather than dealing with the whole ‘plumbing’. With the Muse tool, users are able to easily plan and publish their websites without any hassle. In addition, the Adobe Muse tool allows users to preview and test their websites before publishing, or temporarily publish them to share with others, such as clients and companies.

In relation to the class, Adobe’s Creative Cloud provides a database system, in which users are able to create, design, and share their own work online. Also, as it is said in the article, the cloud service allows users to store, integrate, and access information through desktops, mobile devices, and the cloud, which serves as a database system.

One of my favorite softwares to use is Adobe and it is interesting to see that they are using the idea of the cloud service, and developing and adding new features to their softwares. I also think the new muse tool is great for those who barely have any web developing experience.


Robinson, D. R. (2012). Adobe delivers creative cloud and muse for easy website creation. Incisive Financial Publishing Limited, Retrieved from

3 thoughts on “Adobe’s New Creative Cloud Service”

  1. It seems like a nice new tool which will cut out all the hassell of coding when creating a website. Most people are scared to even begin thinking about creating a website when the thought of coding enters there mind. Thats cool that Muse will make it much easier.

  2. Very interesting concept here. I find that accessing information from a mobile devices would benefit a lot of people too.

  3. Wow, this article really amused me by knowing that one tool like Muse can create a website without using any codes. So for someone with a little knowledge in developing websites, this tool can help them create websites with easy and not involving any codes. WOW just amazing!!!!

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