Alpha Flight for FoundationDB

by Rudy P
The article I chose to blog about this week is, “FoundationDB — Not Your Standard NoSQL Database” by Mr. Alex Williams of TechCrunch. This article discusses the new database management system known as FoundationDB which is currently in alpha and will be in beta by the end of this year. FoundationDB takes many of its strengths from NoSQL, however executives state they  ” have a database that is industrial strength, scalable, and fault tolerant”(Williams, 2012). They believe that over the years NoSQL databases become a bit difficult to scale to large levels, and can be difficult to build on top of the databases. FoundationDB distinguishes  itself from other database management systems by how, “serves as a foundation for different data models that can be layered on top of FoundationDB” (Williams, 2012). Its main purpose is to become the foundation for database environments by being able to manage both scalability and transactions. This looks to be very promising and will hope to enter a tough market later this year.

I chose this article because of the vast amount of article people have chosen on NoSQL and other alternative DBMS. This seems interesting because it seems as though the market is being flooded by different database management systems, and we have discussed database management systems briefly in class. I am sure we will get into DBMS more as we get into SQL, however the playing field is changing everyday.

Systems such as FoundationDB’s most apparent use cases are web application that are in need of large scaling, such as Twitter early on in its life. However,I am curious to see how efficient this system would be for databases in smaller organizations. As far as class goes we use smaller scale examples, so I wonder if using this DBMS which has a strong point in scaling would be inefficient for examples we use in class. This also bring up another question I have which is when we begin speaking about DBMS more in depth and being learning about SQL, how mush of that foundation is commonly used is the systems in place in today’s industry or those to come.


Williams, A. (2012, September 10). FoundationDB — Not Your Standard NoSQL Database. Retrieved October 14, 2012, from


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  • October 16, 2012 at 5:12 pm

    I went to a PolyFounder event last week and two (one former) students from UCLA presented their startup idea “Accessor” which is a quick web site wireframe/development environment, and they built it with JQuery in the front end and Node.js (server-side Javascript), MongoDB (an open-source NoSQL database), JASON (a lightweight data-interchange format) on the back end. It is interesting to see how they can be used for smaller projects like that and perform really well (fast and lightweight).

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