Amazon Believes Cloud Computing and Super Computers are the Future{1}

by Tomas R
This article, titled ‘Amazon Hails Era of ‘Utility Super computing,’ is about the company Amazon believing that cloud computing should be done from the most powerful computers. Amazon is embracing the use of cloud computing for almost everything, whether it be for storage of media or important documents. Amazon thinks that cloud computing should be adjusting their technology and supercomputers to cloud computing, instead of trying to provide cloud computing into the existing technology. What this means is that we should develop more advance hardware to fit more storage, instead of trying to squeeze more into their current computer systems. However, Amazon recognizes that it will require extensive “hours of computation.” The article finishes by stating that Amazon has launched their public beta of their most powerful cloud service, called the “Cluster Compute Eight Extra Large.”

This article relates to the lectures this week because we talked about using databases to control and observe data. Cloud computing is a new, exciting way to maintain information, and is unlike anything we have seen before. This week we also talked about the limitations to conventional databases, such as need for backup and recovery, costs for conversion, and need for specialized personnel to access it. With cloud computing, there is a chance for backup and recovery to be less expensive and easier. It would also be easier transfer files throughout the cloud, which could reduce conversion costs. Lastly, it is easy to access files throughout the cloud, which could eliminate the need for specialized personnel.

I enjoyed this article because i am very interested in the future of the storage of information. I believe cloud computing to be the future of storage. I store some of my personal media in a cloud storage system, and i think that is much cheaper and very easy to access. Cloud computing is very convenient, allowing me to access music or movies on any of my computers without a physical device. I think cloud computing will make a big difference in the way media is stored in the near future.

Curtis, Sophie.(2012, March 11) Amazon hails Era of ‘Utility Supercomputing’. CIO. Retrieved April 1, 2012 from